Sliker reveals he was offered gambling sponsorship following scam allegations

Emma Hill
Sliker talking to chat during Twitch livestream

Twitch streamer ‘ItsSliker’ has claimed he was offered a sponsorship from a gambling casino immediately following an influx of scam accusations against him.

Twitch went into meltdown on September 17 as multiple content creators and fans claimed they had been scammed out of thousands by British streamer Sliker who would send them emotional messages begging them for money due to various personal reasons.

However, with some claimants waiting for years to receive their money back, Sliker revealed he had actually spent the money to help fuel his gambling addiction. He subsequently apologized and admitted that he has a severe “problem.”

Yet, that didn’t stop one gambling casino that supposedly offered to pay off his mounting debts if he accepted a sponsorship.

Sliker shocks Hasan & Mizkif with gambling sponsorship offer

On September 18, Sliker was speaking with Hasan and Mizkif as the list of streamers stating they had loaned whopping amounts of money to him continued to grow.

Despite having openly admitted that his desperation was fuelled by gambling addiction, Sliker claimed that he had been approached by an unnamed gambling casino for a sponsorship deal immediately following the explosive events of the day before.

He explained: “I’m not going to say who, I just got on a call with a casino. They said they would help me pay off the people if I do a sponsor for them, but I refused it. I couldn’t do it.”

It comes as the debate surrounding sponsored gambling streams continues to rage across Twitch. Many are calling on the Amazon-owned platform to ban the practice altogether.

Yet, popular Twitch streamers like xQc and Trainwreck, who supposedly severed ties with Sliker after paying off his gambling debts, are continuing to defend their slot-fueled content.

However, following on from the recent drama surrounding Sliker, calls for Twitch to ban gambling are beginning to mount up.

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