All Apex Legends seasons & events start dates, end dates, new content & weapons

Calum Patterson
Valkyrie in Apex Legends

Apex Legends, now over four years old, is still pumping out new seasons and events, keeping the player base entertained with new content. Here, we’ve compiled the history of Apex Legends’ updates, and when every season and event began and ended.

EA says they expect Apex to be a global franchise for at least a decade. To do that, the developers at Respawn need to keep the game fresh, and they do that with new releases of seasons and events.

They’ve certainly been successful in doing so, keeping the player count of Apex Legends growing over time.

Each new season brings a new Legend to the Apex Games, as well as an assortment of other content, like maps, game modes, weapons, and cosmetic content. Here’s a rundown of the history of Apex Legends, and when each season started and ended.

Mad Maggie Apex Legends

When did each Apex Legends season start & end?

Each Apex Legends season lasts approximately three months, although there have been a few exceptions to this, such as season three, which went on much longer than anticipated.

SeasonStart DateEnd DateContent
PreseasonFeb 4, 2019March 19, 2019Havoc, Wraith Heirloom
Season 1 – Wild FrontierMarch 19, 2019June 18, 2019Octane
Season 2 – Battle ChargeJuly 2, 2019Oct 1, 2019Wattson, L-STAR, Ranked Play
Season 3 – MeltdownOct 1, 2019Feb 4, 2020Crypto, World’s Edge, Charge Rifle
Season 4 – AssimilationFeb 4, 2020May 12, 2020Revenant, Sentinel
Season 5 – Fortune’s FavorMay 12, 2020Aug 18, 2020Loba, Quests
Season 6 – BoostedAug 18, 2020Nov 4, 2020Rampart, VOLT SMG, Crafting
Season 7 – AscensionNov 4, 2020Feb 2, 2021Horizon, Olympus, Clubs, Steam release
Season 8 – MayhemFeb 2, 2021May 4, 2021Fuse, 30-30 Repeater, Nintendo Switch release
Season 9 – LegacyMay 4, 2021Aug 3, 2021Valkryie, Bocek Bow, Arenas
Season 10 – EmergenceAug 3, 2021Nov 2, 2021Seer, Rampage LMG, Ranked Arenas
Season 11 – EscapeNov 2, 2021Feb 8, 2022Ash, Storm Point, C.A.R SMG
Season 12 – DefianceFeb 8, 2022May 10, 2022Mad Maggie, Control Mode
Season 13 – SaviorsMay 10, 2022August 8, 2022Newcastle, Ranked Reloaded
Season 14 – HuntedAug 9, 2022Nov 1, 2022Vantage, Laser Sights, Level Cap increase
Season 15 – EclipseNov 1, 2022Feb 14, 2023Catalyst, Divided Moon Map, Gifting
Season 16 – RevelryFeb 14, 2023May 9, 2023Legend classes, TDM, Nemesis AR
Season 17 – ArsenalMay 9, 2023Aug 8, 2023Ballistic, Ranked Overhaul, Firing Range 2.0
Season 18 – ResurrectionAug 8, 2023Nov 7, 2023Revenant Reborn
Season 19 – IgniteNov 7, 2023Feb 13, 2024Conduit, Cross Progression, Promotional Trials
Season 20 – BreakoutFeb 13, 2024May 7, 2024Legend Upgrades, Next-Gen Upgrade,
Season 21 – UpheavalMay 7, 2024Aug 6, 2024Alter, Solo Mode return

All Apex Legends events

In addition to the new seasons, major events chronicle the history of Apex Legends and the various characters. These include collection events, thematic events and season events.

Here’s every major event in Apex so far, and what they included. Most events last two weeks.

EventStart DateEnd DateContent
Legendary Hunt (Themed)June 4, 2019June 18, 2019Apex Elite Queue, Challenges
Iron Crown (Collection)Aug 13, 2019Aug 27, 2019Solos, Bloodhound Heirloom, Octane Town Takeover
Voidwalker (Themed)Sep 3, 2019Sep 17, 2019Armed & Dangerous, Wraith Town Takeover
Fight or Fright (Collection)Oct 15, 2019Nov 5, 2019Shadowfall, Lifeline Heirloom
Holo-Day Bash (Collection)Dec 12, 2019Jan 7, 2020Winter Express, Pathfinder Heirloom, Mirage Town Takeover
Grand Soiree (Themed)Jan 14, 2020Jan 28, 2020Gold Rush Duos, LIVE.DIE.LIVE, Third Person Mode, Always Be Closing, Armed and Dangerous, Kings Canyon After Dark, DUMMIE’s Big Day
System Override (Collection)Mar 3, 2020Mar 17, 2020Deja Loot, Octane Heirloom, Evo Shields
The Old Ways (Themed)Apr 7, 2020Apr 21, 2020Duos, Bloodhound Town Takeover
Lost Treasures (Collection)June 23, 2020July 7, 2020Armed & Dangerous Evolved, Mobile Respawn Beacons, Mirage Heirloom, Crypto Town Takeover
Aftermarket (Collection)Oct 6, 2020Oct 20, 2020Flashpoint, Cross-play, Caustic Heirloom
Fight or Fright (Themed)Oct 22, 2020Nov 3, 2020Shadow Royale
Holo-Day Bash (Themed)Dec 1, 2020Jan 4, 2021Winter Express
Fight Night (Collection)Jan 5, 2021Jan 19, 2021Airdrop Escalation, Gibraltar Heirloom, Pathfinder Town Takeover
Anniversary (Collection)Feb 9, 2021Mar 2, 2021Locked and Loaded
Chaos Theory (Collection)Mar 9, 2021Mar 23, 2021Ring Fury, No-Fill, Heat Shields, Bangalore Heirloom, Caustic Town Takeover
War Games (Themed)Apr 13, 2021Apr 27, 2021Second Chance, Armor Regen, Ultra Zones, Auto Banners
Genesis (Collection)Jun 29, 2021July 13, 2021Legacy Maps, Revenant Heirloom
Thrillseekers (Themed)July 13, 2021Aug 3, 2021Overflow Arenas Map
Evolution (Collection)Sept 14, 2021Sept 28, 2021Rampart Heirloom, Rampart Town Takeover
Monsters Within (Themed)Oct 12, 2021Nov 2, 2021Shadow Royale, Encore Arenas Map
Raiders (Collection)Dec 7, 2021Dec 21, 2021Winter Express, Wattson Heirloom
Dark Depths (Themed)Jan 11, 2022Feb 1, 2022Habitat Arenas Map
3rd AnniversaryFeb 15, 2022Mar 1, 2022Control, Bloodhound Prestige Skin
Warriors (Collection)Mar 29, 2022Apr 12, 2022Crypto Heirloom, Drop Off Control map
Unshackled (Themed)Apr 19, 2022May 3, 2022Flashpoint LTM
Awakening (Collection)June 21, 2022July 5, 2022Valkyrie Heirloom, Control LTM
Beast of Prey (Collection)Sep 20, 2022Oct 4, 2022Loba Heirloom, Gun Run LTM
Fight or FrightOct 4, 2022Nov 1, 2022Olympus After Dark
Wintertide (Collection)Dec 6, 2022Dec 27, 2022Wraith Prestige Skin
Spellbound (Collection)Jan 10, 2023Jan 24, 2023Seer’s Heirloom, Control LTM
Celestial Sunrise (Collection)Jan 24, 2023Feb 7, 2023Reactive Peacekeeper skin, Hardcore Royale
4th Anniversary (Collection)Feb 14, 2023Feb 28, 2023150 Heirloom Shards
Imperial Guard (Collection)Mar 7, 2023Mar 21, 2023Wraith’s Heirloom
Sun Squad (Collection)Mar 28, 2023Apr 11, 2023Ash Heirloom, Heatwave LTM
Veiled (Collection)Apr 25, 2023May 9, 2023Caustic Prestige skin, Deadeye LTM
Threat LevelMay 23, 2023June 6, 2023TDM Unshielded,
Dressed to Kill (Collection)June 20, 2023July 4, 2023Horizon Heirloom, Armed and Dangerous LTM
Neon Network (Collection)July 25, 2023Aug 8, 2023Valkyrie Prestige Skin, Node Tracker Takeover
Death Dynasty (Collection)Aug 8, 2023Aug 22, 2023Revenant Heirloom (recolor)
Harbingers (Collection)Sep 19, 2023Oct 3, 2023Living Shell Trios, Fuse’s Heirloom Set
Doppelgangers (Collection)October 17, 2023October 31, 2023Tricks N’ Treats Trios, Revenant’s Prestige Skin
Post MaloneNov 7, 2023Nov 21, 2023Three Strikes LTM, Iconic Cosmetic Rarity
Uprising (Collection)Dec 5, 2023Jan 2, 2024Revenant Uprising, Loba’s Prestige Skin
Final Fantasy VIIJan 9, 2024Jan 30, 2024FINAL FANTASY VII Takeover LTM
Inner Beast (Collection)Mar 5, 2024Mar 19, 2024The Hunt Takeover, Octane Heirloom Recolor, Recolored Legendaries for Octane, Bloodhound, Gibraltar, Caustic, Rampart and Loba
Shadow Society Mar 26, 2024Apr 16, 2024Lockdown LTM, Cobalt Katar
Urban Assault (Collection)Apr 23, 2024May 7, 2024Three Strikes LTM return, Apex Rumble, Octane Prestige Skin

In addition to these events, there have been minor events and store sales too, such as Valentine’s Day, Black Friday, and the September Soiree.

With Apex now in its fifth year, expect to see even more events as the seasons roll on. We’ll keep a complete record of them all right here.

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