Apex Legends Doppelgangers Collection Event patch notes: After Dark maps, Halloween LTM, skins

Calum Patterson
doppelgangers collection event in apex

The Doppelganger Collection Event in Apex Legends goes live just in time for spooky season, with the Halloween themes to match, and a new Trick N’ Treat LTM.

Apex always brings something fresh for the Halloween celebrations, and the nighttime maps are back for 2023, but this time, three maps will be getting their ‘After Dark’ variants.

Kings Canyon, World’s Edge and Olympus will all be set at night for the event, which starts on October 17. Of course, there are new skins, and the Revenant Prestige skin will be the prize for completing the collection.

Doppelgangers Collection Event release date

The Doppelgangers Collection Event will go live in Apex Legends on Tuesday, October 17. Events go live at 10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm BST. The event will run for two weeks.

There may be a small update required on your system, but sometimes collection events are ready to go live without requiring an update.

Trick N’ Treat trios LTM

trick n treat ltm
The new Apex LTM adds ‘candy’ and more for Halloween.

The new LTM, Trick N’ Trios, will add two new items: Candy and Copycat Kit. Candy is collected when downing enemies, looting bins, and breaking down doors. You can then eat the candy for evo shield points, Ult Charge and 25 points of shield healing.

The new survival item, only available in this mode, is where the Doppelganger’s part of the event comes in. This copycat kit will allow you to use an extra legend ability for the duration of the match – cooldowns are still in place as normal.

New skins and Revenant Prestige Skin

As with all collection events, there are 24 event cosmetics to pick up through event packs. These include new Legendary skins for Wraith, Pathfinder, Newcastle and Vantage.

Collecting all 24 skins will grant you the Revenant Prestige skin: Apex Nightmare.

The event will run from October 17 to 31, ending alongside Halloween.

There’s been no word from Respawn about some of the other fan-favorite Halloween modes returning this year, although they may have heard feedback from previous years when players asked for something new.

There are also no balancing changes or bug fixes in this update.