Apex Legends Urban Assault Collection event: Octane Prestige Skin, Three Strikes returns, more

John Esposito
Urban Assault Apex Legends event

Apex Legends Season 20 will receive another collection event — Urban Assault — introducing hip skins, new modes, and Octane’s Prestige Skin.

Season 20 of Apex Legends has been a tough stretch for the game, as hackers and the overall state of Apex have left fans in dire straights. 

Pushing forward, a new collection event is releasing next week, introducing new skins, the return of Three Strikes, and a new Prestige Skin.

Here are the full details of the Urban Assault Collection Event, per the event breakdown by Respawn.

Three Strikes returns to Apex Legends

Firstly, Three Strikes returns, the beloved mode introduced from the Apex x Post Malone event Respawn brought back a few times due to high demand.

Per the event reveal post, it’ll see some tweaks, with revive times reduced to two seconds, players revive with full health and zero shields, and revived players are guaranteed a competitive version of their loadout.

Apex Rumble launches in beta

Urban Assault will also see the introduction of Apex Rumble the “all-new asynchronous tournament system.” Players compete for points to rise the leaderboards in Three Strikes matches. No pre-made squads will fill the queue, and using Legend Tokens will let you reset your score to re-enter the fray.

Points are earned based on placement, kills, damage, and assists, with the end of a match doling out rewards based on performance.

The developers hope to collect player feedback to continue evolving this mode.

Collection skins

Per the norm for Apex Legends’ collection events, this event will introduce various new skins, banner frames, holosprays & other cosmetics that can be unlocked by purchasing event chests. There will also be a rewards tracker, with a Catalyst skin up for grabs provided you earn all the points needed.

Here’s a full list of confirmed Legends getting skins in the Urban Assault Apex Legends Collection event:

  • Wraith
  • Newcastle
  • Octane
  • Rampart
  • Loba
  • Valkyrie
  • Vantage
  • Catalyst

Octane Prestige Skin

Earn or purchase all 24 limited-time cosmetics to nab the Octane “Apex Riptide” Prestige Skin, which includes a Skydive Trail and Finisher. All Prestige Skin challenges will also receive a 1.5x boost to their progression during the event.

Apex Legends’ Urban Assault Collection event launches Tuesday, April 23 at 10 am PT | 1 pm ET | 6 pm GMT.