EA wants to make Apex Legends “more new player friendly” in 2024

Philip Trahan
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Publisher EA is looking to make Apex Legends “more new player friendly” in 2024 and claimed the battle royale has a reputation “for being very hard.”

With Apex Legends beginning Season 20 in February of 2024, the battle royale has officially been around for just over five years.

Since then, many veteran players have perfected their gunplay and movement tech in Respawn Entertainment’s fast-paced shooter.

However, it seems that publisher EA may want to even the playing field a bit and has outlined plans to make the game “more new player friendly” starting in 2024.

Apex Legends to become “new player friendly” in 2024

According to EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson during the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference (as relayed by VGC) on Wednesday, March 6, 2024, the team’s top priority is to make Apex Legends “more new player friendly” in the coming year.

Wilson said, “It’s an incredible game, it’s a core game, it’s not for the faint of heart when you come into it, and that’s part of its charm and part of why people love it. But job number one for us is, how do we make that a little more new player friendly?”

Considering veteran Apex Legends players have had five years of experience to get ahead of the competition, it’s no surprise that EA is taking a look at the battle royale’s legacy and reevaluating new players’ starting points.

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Wilson said these new player-friendly plans began with Season 20 and will continue in 2024.

Apex’s Lead Battle Royale Designer Josh Mohan weighed in on this plan as well. “I want Apex in five years to be a place for everybody,” he said.

“I think sometimes we can get a reputation for being a very hard, competitive game, and I want that to remain at its core, but I also want the game to be a large space to entice more people to come and join in.”

The team also spoke about expanding Apex “beyond the traditional battle royale universe” and said players could expect to see that in 2024 as well.

How EA and Respawn Entertainment plan to make Apex Legends more new player-friendly remains a mystery, but it seems fans can expect some pretty big changes throughout the rest of the year.