Apex Legends Dark Depths event: Skins, Habitat Arenas map, & new rewards

Alex Garton

The under-water themed Dark Depths event has arrived in Apex Legends and it’s bringing a range of fresh cosmetics, rewards, and the brand new Arenas map Habitat.

The arrival of Apex Legends Season 11: Escape has proven to be a hit with players as it finally brought Titanfall’s Ash as a new legend, as well as the Storm Point map.

As ever, though, players are keen for Respawn to add some new content to the game and the devs have delivered with the upcoming Dark Depths event.

With a host of under-water inspired cosmetics to collect, three weeks’ worth of rewards, and of course a new Arenas map, this is definitely going to be an event to remember.


Horizon Dark Depths skin
Dark Depths includes 40 new collectibles.

Apex Legends Dark Depths start date

The Dark Depths event is set to kick off on January 11 and will run until February 1. During this time, players will be able to complete three separate rewards trackers, each offering a set of unique collectibles.

Keep in mind, once that week is over they’re no longer available so make sure you’re playing games throughout all three weeks.

Apex Legends Dark Depths skins & packs

Dark Depths will introduce 40 new collectibles to Apex Legends including a range of Legendary & Epic tier skins. These will be available in the new Dark Depths packs that guarantee you one non-duplicate Thematic Event item.

You can check the full set of skins in the Dark Depths trailer below:

It’s worth noting the Dark Depths cosmetics will be featured in the standard pack pool and will be available to create with crafting metals.

Not only that, Dark Depths bundles will be available to purchase for Apex Coins on the in-game store, a lot of these include a set of packs alongside the skin.

Apex Dark Depths store
Here’s the Apex Legends Dark Depths store.

As shown above, there will be two separate storefronts over the course of the event, so if you’re looking for a specific skin, it might be worth waiting for it to become available.

Apex Legends Dark Depths Habitat Arenas map

Habitat Arenas map Apex LegendsHabitat is one of the small islands surrounding Storm Point.

Habitat is the new Arenas map arriving with the Dark Depths event and with a variety of elevated and hidden positions for flanks, it’s going to be the perfect battleground for fans of the 3v3 mode.

A neighboring island of Storm Point, Habitat is one of the smallest islands in the chain and is best known as a Leviathan breeding ground.

With two primary POIs on both sides in Cave and Nest, the map caters to players who prefer long-range engagements, and those who like taking a more stealthy approach.

This is definitely worth checking out on release and offers something completely different from any of the current Arenas maps.

Apex Legends Dark Depths prize trackers & flash events

Instead of having a single tracker, Dark Depths will introduce three separate prize trackers for each of the weeks that the event is live. That way, players will be constantly earning new rewards all the way up to February.

You check out each of the trackers below and the rewards on offer:

Apex Legends tracker
Here are the Dark Depths prize trackers.

Now everything surrounding the event has been confirmed it’s just a case of waiting for January 11.

After that, make sure you jump into the game and start collecting all of the cosmetics, as well as taking down opponents on the new Habitat map.

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