When is Apex Legends Season 19? Season 18 end date & what to expect

Calum Patterson
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Season 19 of Apex Legends, Ignite, has been confirmed, with the new Legend Conduit revealed. Here’s everything we know about Season 19 so far, including the release date and what to expect.

Each new season of Apex usually includes one big highlight to look forward to, and normally it’s the new character that is added. But, Season 18 instead focused on the rework to Revenant, with no new legend to play.

There also hasn’t been a new battle royale map added since Broken Moon in Season 15, but unfortunately, Season 19 will not be the season for a new map.

Here’s everything we know about Season 19 of Apex Legends so far. We’ll update this article as more information is leaked or confirmed.

Apex Season 19 release date

Apex Legends Season 19 will release on Tuesday, October 31 – confirmed by Respawn, and this matches the in-game timer of the Season 18 battle pass. New seasons of Apex typically go live at 10 am PT / 1 pm ET / 6 pm GMT.

As always, Season 18 will end on the same date, October 31.

What’s coming in Season 19 of Apex Legends?

So far, we know that there will be a new legend this season, called Conduit – see below for more.

One thing we can expect is the revamped Storm Point. Many players actually thought this would release with Season 18, given all the teasers and build-up.

Apex Legends Storm Point
Storm Point could be set for an overhaul in Apex Legends

However, when Season 18 started, Storm Point was instead moved out of the map rotation entirely.

This certainly indicates that the plans Respawn has for the map will not be seen until Season 19 unless Respawn makes the unexpected move of bringing it back midway through the season.

On the Season 19 website, Respawn states: “THE STORM HAS PASSED. Reports indicate clear skies and 100% chance of raining lead.”

With this in mind, it seems unlikely that a new Apex map will release in Season 19, but there could be one in the works for Season 20 instead. Historically, new Apex maps have released every 4-5 seasons, so this would still make sense.

New Season 19 Legend

The new Legend for Season 19, is Conduit. Her full abilities haven’t been confirmed yet, but check out what we know so far, and her leaks, here.

Details are limited so far on the new character, but leakers have been teasing her arrival for a long time. We know she has a connection to titans too from her Stories from the Outlands video.

At this early stage, there is very little known else about Respawn’s plans for the new season, but as always, leakers are hard at work trying to see what they can find.

That’s all we know so far about Season 19, but we will update this page with more information as the release gets closer. For now, check out more Apex Legends guides:

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