Revenant is getting a new heirloom in Apex Legends Season 18

Calum Patterson
Revenant heirloom recolor

Along with his new look, abilities and voice lines, Revenant, or Revenant ‘Reborn’ is also getting a new heirloom in Apex Legends, coming in the Death Dynasty Collection Event.

Revenant will be the second Legend to get a revamped heirloom, after Wraith’s original Kunai was given a new version in Season 16.

Currently, Revenant has the ‘Dead Man’s Curve’, a scythe wielded in two hands, that glows when in use.

Details on the new heirloom are limited at the moment, but we do know its name and that it will also still be a scythe, similar in appearance to Dead Man’s Curve.

New Revenant Heirloom in Apex Legends

The new Revenant heirloom is called “Death Grip”. It can be automatically unlocked during the Death Dynasty Collection Event by completing the collection of all 24 event items.

The Collection Event will start on August 8, the same day as Season 18 of Apex Legends goes live.

Although details on the new heirloom are limited at the moment, we expect it will be a similar deal to Wraith’s Kunai, which some players described as a ‘recolor’ of her existing heirloom. However, it also came with new animations.

Revenant heirloom apex
Revenant’s heirloom in Apex is a scythe.

The Collection Event will also offer players the chance to earn Double XP, first in Battle Royale (August 8 – 15) and then in Mixtaope (Aug 15-22).

That’s all we know so far about Revenant’s new heirloom and the first Collection Event of Season 18, but stay tuned for more details soon.