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Apex Legends: All skins and cosmetics for Fight or Fright event

Published: 15/Oct/2019 16:51 Updated: 15/Oct/2019 17:45

by Andy Williams


The Apex Legends: Fight or Fright Collection Event update brought a plethora of spooky takes on all characters aside from Pathfinder, within Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale. Here’s a first official look at all of the skins.

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Apex Legends’ latest Collection Event saw darkness descend on Kings Canyon. With a somewhat eerie take, the map has received an overhaul that shows it in the dead of night. 

The event not only sees the return of Kings Canyon, but also brings a brand-new ‘Shadowfall’ mode as well as 24 new event–limited cosmetic items.

Apex Legends (YouTube)Apex Legends’ Halloween–themed event will run from October 15 – November 5.
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Fight or Fright cosmetics

The Halloween inspired event is brimming with ghostly content; from a Count Dracula take on Crypto, to a ‘Franken–Gibby’, Respawn have left no stone unturned in their first venture into the haunted season. 


Unlike the previous Iron Crown LTM, the Fight or Fright event is now offering the Lifeline Heirloom for free should you unlock all 24 event–specific cosmetics. Fear not, if you are unable to unlock the Heirloom during the event, it will still be obtainable in Apex Packs after the event ends on November 5.

Respawn EntertainmentLifeline Heirloom set is attainable for free after unlocking all 24 LTM cosmetics.
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New Legend skins










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New weapon skins and charms

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How are Fight or Fright cosmetics earned? 

Twenty-four event–limited premium cosmetics are available for players to unlock in one of three ways:

  • Direct purchase for Apex Coins (AC) — Legendary = 1800 AC; Epic = 1000 AC.
  • Direct unlock with Crafting Metals (CM) — Legendary = 2400 CM; Epic = 800 CM.
  • Random unlock with Event Apex Packs — 700 AC.

Alongside having the ability to directly unlock cosmetics, players can also complete event challenges to earn exclusive cosmetics, which include two legendary weapon skins


Respawn EntertainmentA series of challenges can earn players a ruck of skins.
Respawn EntertainmentBoth the Havoc and Alternator Legendary skin are available through challenges.

The Fight or Fright Collection Event runs October 15 – November 5, so you’ll have to start your grind from today to ensure you unlock all 24 cosmetics, and get your hands on the free Lifeline Heirloom set.