Apex Legends Post Malone event: New LTM, unique skins, and more

Calum Patterson
Apex Legends x Post Malone event skins may introduce a new rarity level for skins

Apex Legends is teaming up with artist Post Malone for a special one-off event, which will introduce a new limited-time mode, and a set of very unique skins, in part designed with Posty himself.

Post Malone is a big gamer, and Apex is his favorite game – he said as much last year when he dabbled in some Twitch streaming, explaining that he loves the BR genre, and for him, Apex is the best.

Clearly, Respawn took notice, and so a collaboration was set in motion, with the Post Malone event starting in Apex Legends on November 7.

Here’s what you can look forward to.

Three Strikes LTM

The highlight of the event will be the Three Strikes LTM. Certainly unlike anything we’ve had in Apex before, as the name implies, you will have ‘three strikes’ before you are out. That means, if your squad is eliminated, don’t worry – you’ll all come back.

Unless, that is, you have been eliminated for a third time, in which case you are finally eliminated for good.

  • When your team is wiped, you all respawn with your gear, but you get a strike
  • 3 strikes and you’re out.
  • Downed players cannot be damaged
  • Reviving is crazy fast – you can do it in the middle of firefights
  • Mirage and lifeline are very strong in this mode thanks to the fast revives

The event lasts two weeks, with this mode available for the full two weeks.

Event cosmetics

Post Malone is a fashion icon, and he’s bringing some of his signature style to Apex. He worked closely with the team at Respawn to design exclusive new skins, inspired by his looks from music videos or concerts.

The designs are not too outlandish though, as Respawn ensured they still fit within the tone of Apex Legends generally.

post malone skins in apex legends
  • Octane – Touch of Style
  • Wraith – Acid Wraith
  • Lifeline – Runaway Hit
  • Horizon – Hidden Blossoms

These skins are certainly unlike anything we’ve seen before in Apex, and it’s also unclear if they will ever make a comeback, so you might only have one opportunity to pick them up.

Camo credits & reward shop

You can earn up to 285 Camo Credits per day by completing Daily Challenges and use them to unlock event cosmetics.

camo credits store in apex

There is also an Apex Legends X Post Malone Event badge, which can leveled up four times by completing challenges and earning currency.

Twitch Drops

Watching select streamers on Twitch for an hour per reward will earn you these drops.

Twitch drops for post malone event

Finally, you can also use your camo credits for some IRL rewards too. You will have the chance to win a bomber jacket in a sweepstake by redeeming tokens. Find out the details here.

The Post Malone event goes live in Apex Legends on November 7.

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