Apex Legends Season 10 Emergence guide: New content, all changes, more

Calum Patterson
apex legends season 10 emergence new legends seer

Apex Legends Season 10 is here, and brings with it a new Legend: Seer, map changes to World’s Edge, and Ranked Arenas. There is lots more too of course, with a new Battle Pass and in-game changes. Here’s everything you need to know about the new season.

When is Apex Legends Season 10?

The Season 10 update for Apex Legends will go live on August 3, at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM BST. For players around the world, such as in Japan or Australia, that will be in the early hours of August 4 (2 AM JST / 3 AM AEST).

There is no preload this time for PlayStation players, so players on all platforms will be getting the update at the same time.

If you want to read up on all the changes in full, check out the full Season 10 patch notes.

New Legend: Seer

Seer Apex Season 10
Seer is the latest Legend to join Apex Legends’ roster.

The main attraction of every new season, the character joining the Apex Games is Seer. A legend in the Arenas, he’s now moving up to join the ranks of the Apex roster.

Seer’s abilities include a heartbeat sensor passive, an interrupt/tracker tactical, and a dome ultimate that reveals enemies within it.

World’s Edge Map Changes

Lava Siphon POI in Apex Legends
Sorting Factory is gone and Lava Siphon sits in its place.

World’s Edge has been “decimated” in Season 10, as a result of Hammond Robotics and their use of the Harvester.

Three POIs (Sorting Factory, Train Yard, and Refinery) have all been drastically changed and even given totally new names.

There are also all-new Gondolas that can be used at two of the new POIs to get over the lava safely.

Ranked Arenas

Much anticipated since Arenas dropped in Season 9, the Ranked version of the mode will go live with Season 10.

It features the same ranks as Battle Royale, but some of the rules for gaining RP are changed. Also, you can be demoted in Ranked Arenas.

Legend Changes

Four Legends have been changed in this update at the start of Season 10. Horizon is getting some power back in her Gravity Lift, Fuse is getting a buff to both his Ultimate and Tactical, and can now disable his passive to throw grenades normally.

Caustic gets a big buff, with his gas damage increasing by 1 every other tick. And Revenant gets a small nerf, now giving enemies a visual and audio indicator when is death protection is ending.

Weapon changes

For care packages, the Spitfire and Alternator are going in. The Alternator will have Disruptor Rounds, while the Spitfire is returned to its pre-nerf state.

Coming out of the care package is the Prowler, but when it’s on the ground, there will be no select fire hop-up, meaning you can only use it in burst mode.

For other weapons, the L-Star has got a big buff, while the EVA-8 gets a fire rate nerf. All pistols will now have quickdraw built-in, while the hop-up is removed. There is now a new hop-up: Boosted Loader, for the Hemlok and Wingman. This will increase reload speed and give extra ammo if reloaded at the right time.

Season 10 Battle Pass

Tier 100 volt skins

As always, there are a fresh 100 tiers to grind through in the Apex Legends Emergence battle pass.

New this time are ‘item sets’, specifically for Seer, Valkyrie, and Horizon. These are sets of matching skins for the Legend and a weapon, to really kit out your character.

More Season 10 news

Hidden Octane change

Respawn have confirmed that there is an Octane change that was missing from the patch notes. Now, the sound of players landing after using a jump pad will be louder.

Comics not returning

Comics are being scrapped for this season of Apex, as the team wants to explore new ways of telling the story.

 All maps in rotation

Another cool feature not mentioned in the patch notes, is that all three battle royale maps will be in rotation this season. The first week will be World’s Edge only, but after that, Kings Canyon and Olympus will return.

For Ranked, split 1 is on World’s Edge and Split 2 will be on Kings Canyon.

That’s everything you need to know about Apex Legends Season 10 – check back here for more news and updates on the new season.

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