Apex Legends Celestial Sunrise Collection Event update: Full patch notes

Alex Garton
Celestial Sunrise Apex Legends Collection Event

Apex Legends’ Celestial Sunrise Collection Event has been announced and it’s set to introduce the Hardcore Royale LTM, an array of fresh skins, and the Date Night LTM at a later date.

As Apex’s seasons last for three months, it’s important for the devs to keep players interested with regular updates.

Well, these usually come in the form of Collection Events and now Spellbound is coming to a close, Celestial Sunrise will be the next patch to arrive in the Outlands.

The major update will add the Hardcore Royale LTM, a variety of fresh skins, and the Date Night LTM.


When is the Apex Legends Celestial Sunrise Collection Event?

The Celestial Sunrise Collection Event will start on January 24, at 10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm GMT. The event will conclude on February 7.

This will give the community plenty of time to collect all of the exclusive cosmetics and jump into the action-packed Hardcore Royale LTM.

Celestial Sunrise Collection Event trailer

The trailer showcases all of the cosmetics that are going to be available during the Celestial Sunrise Collection event.

Hardcore Royale LTM

hardcore royale ltm apex
The Hardcore Royale LTM will arrive in Apex Legends on January 24.

The Hardcore Royale LTM adds an extra level of risk to Apex’s typical battle royale format, restricting all players to white armor and no helmets. Shields cannot be upgraded through dealing damage, crafting, or looting, so you’ll have to pick your fights carefully.

For a full rundown of all the features, check out the list below:

  • Limited HUD
  • White Armor Only
  • No Helmets
  • Armor doesn’t spawn in Deathboxes (No Armor Swapping)
  • Ring starts at max Damage

Similar to Ranked, Hardcore Royale will be limited to accounts that are level 20 or above, so be sure to get grinding for XP if you’re below this threshold.

Date Night LTM

Following the conclusion of Celestial Sunrise on February 7, a new LTM will take over Duos in the form of Date Night.

If you’re close enough to your teammate, whenever you heal, they’ll also receive the effects of the item as well. Not only that, but it will also include a limited-time weapon called the Heart Stealer.

This functions exactly the same as a normal Bocek, but can also heal allies near you when you damage an enemy Legend.

Celestial Sunrise Collection Event reward track

Celestial Sunrise Reward Track Apex Legends

As always, this Collection Event brings a variety of new cosmetics for Apex Legends players to obtain. The Celestial Sunrise Collection event adds a fresh reward track for players to progress through. Simply complete daily and weekly challenges to work your way through the track and earn all of the exclusive rewards.

Keep in mind, this Collection Event does not include an Heirloom, so instead players will be able to earn the reactive Jadeite Retribution Peacekeeper skin. As always, to get your hands on this cosmetic, you’ll need to buy packs with Apex Coins and collect all 24 unique cosmetics in the event.

So, there you have it, that’s everything you need to know about the Celestial Sunrise Collection event arriving on January 24.

Make sure to save up your Apex coins and crafting metals if you’re keen on getting your hands on the Jadeite Retribution Peacekeeper!