All new skins in Apex Legends Sun Squad Collection Event: Swimsuit skins added

Sourav Banik
Seer, Catalyst, and Mirage wearing their Sun Squad Collection Event skins in Apex Legends

The Sun Squad Collection Event is upon us in Apex Legends and brings a ton of new cosmetics for lots of Legends. Here’s a rundown of all the new skins arriving with the event, including the long-awaited swimsuit skins.

Yet another event is about to takeover Apex Legends, the Sun Squad Collection Event. The event features a brand-new limited-time mode along with a slew of new legendary and swimsuit skins along with other cosmetics for legends like Fuse, Mirage, and more.

The event will run for a couple of weeks and the skins will be available in packs and in the store on a weekly rotation basis. Also after many leaks and speculations, Ash is finally getting her own heirloom with the arrival of the new collection event.

With that said, here’s every skin that you can claim and buy from the Sun Squad Collection Event in the game.

Seer's swimsuit skin and green Flatline cosmetic in Apex Legends
The Sun Squad Collection Event brings a ton of new skins for players.

New swimsuit skins added with Sun Squad Collection Event

The Sun Squad Collection Event brings a total of 24 new limited-time skins in Apex Legends. To beat the heat, Respawn has introduced new swimsuit skins for different legends. As usual, you can either buy them in exchange for Apex Coins and Crafting Metals or via the collection event Apex Packs. The Event will run from March 28 to April 11, 2023.

Among these 24 cosmetics, the Legendary skins for Ash, Fuse, and Mirage will catch the most eyeballs. Apart from that, Bangalore, Catalyst Mad Maggie, Newcastle, and Rampart will have their own iteration of these new skins. And if you manage to unlock every cosmetic before the event ends, you’ll automatically receive Ash’s “Strongest Link” Heirloom.

Mirage, Newcastle, and Seer bundles include cosmetics for Wingman, Havoc, and Flatline, respectively. Like every collection event, you can complete certain challenges to earn points, which will unlock several epic items from the Reward Tracker.