Apex Legends Neon Network Collection event patch notes: Loba story, Compute Nodes, Valkyrie Prestige skin

Calum Patterson
Apex Legends Neon Network event

The final event for Apex Legends Season 17 is coming on July 25: the Neon Network collection event. Here’s what’s coming, including Valkyrie’s Prestige skin, a new Battle Royale takeover, and an interactive story segment with Loba.

This collection event introduces a few twists, unlike previous collections, thanks mainly to the new event currency, Compute Nodes.

Instead of unlocking items the traditional way, you will unlock them with these Compute Nodes, that are awarded after matches.

Unlocking all the event items will automatically grant you Valkyrie’s Prestige skin.

Neon Network Collection event update

The Neon Network Collection Event will go live on July 25, expected at the usual time of 10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm BST.

Starting things off will be a new “interactive introduction” before entering the battle royale – which has a new takeover.

Node Tracker Takeover

Unranked Battle Royale matches will have a twist for the duration of the event. In them, you will need to “locate the optimal location to connect, and hack into leads across the map to receive loot and Compute Nodes.”

After the match, Compute Nodes, a new form of currency, will be available to use in the event shop.

Compute Nodes takeover apex legends

With these Compute Nodes, you will be able to pick and choose what you want to unlock from the shop.

Challenges will be refreshed daily, and there is a limit on how many Compute Nodes you can earn per day.

New skins

As always, there are 24 new skins and items in the Collection Event to unlock, including new Legendary skins for Ash, Ballistic, Lifeline and Gibraltar.

Unlocking all 24 items in the event will automatically unlock Valkyrie’s Prestige skin, called Apex Interceptor. Just like all other Prestige skins, there are three levels that you can upgrade it through.

What about buffs & nerfs?

There are no balance changes in this update, or bug fixes listed in the patch notes.

For that, it looks like we’ll be waiting until the launch of Apex Season 18, when we can also expect big changes to Ranked play that Respawn has already revealed.