Apex Legends Monsters Within event: Start date, trailer, skins, new map

Calum Patterson

Just in time for the Halloween season, Apex Legends is dropping a new thematic event: Monsters Within. This new event will include lots of cosmetic with a spooky flair, and a prize tracker to grind through until the end of the season.

Previous Halloween’s in Apex have been marked by the Fight or Fright events, which have include the Shadow Royale LTM. This year though, Respawn is adding to the mix with the Monsters Within event.

As the trailer shows, this event has some incredible-looking Legendary skins for Legends including Bloodhound, Seer, Caustic and Revenant, as well as lots of weapon skins, holosprays, and other cosmetics.

The Monsters Within event will run from October 12 to November 2, when Apex Legends Season 11 will start.

Monsters Within Trailer

Monsters Within event skins

There are a total of 40 cosmetic items coming in the event, all of which will be craftable or unlockable with Apex Packs.

You can checkout a showcase of some the new skins coming in the event here:

Additionally, returning Halloween skins will be available in the store as bundles.

monsters within bundles

Special limited packs in Apex Legends

In this event, there will be Monsters Within packs, but the cosmetics will also be available in standard Apex packs, even after the event is over. But, the event packs guarantee one non-duplicate item from the event.

Respawn also says, “Monsters Within items can always be crafted with crafting metals. After two seasons, crafting metal costs of Monsters Within Items may be reduced.”

Monsters within themed event

Monsters Within Prize Tracker

As with previous events, a prize tracker will reward you for playing and earning points throughout the event. The prize tracker will rotate each week, with rewards including Apex packs, gun charms, epic skins, and holosprays.

prize tracker monsters within

New Arenas Map: Encore

This event also adds a brand new Arenas map, called Enore. Set in Seer’s homeland, this is a neon-soaked battleground, fitting for Seer’s style.

Encore arenas map
The new Arenas map, Encore, is set on Seer’s homeland.

Shadow Royale LTM

It wouldn’t be a Halloween Apex Legends event without a Shadow Royale LTM comeback though, and Respawn isn’t going to disappoint. For the last week of the event, the fan-favorite LTM will be back.

Shadow Royale LTM in Apex Legends
Shadow Royale makes a one week comeback in the Monsters Within event.

By the time the event is finished, it will be almost time to jump into the eleventh season of Apex Legends, expected to start on November 2, barring any delays.