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What’s in the Apex Legends Season 2 battle pass? All Rewards

Published: 2/Jul/2019 18:30 Updated: 2/Jul/2019 19:08

by Alan Bernal


The highly anticipated release of Apex Legends Season 2 on July 2 also means players are getting a fresh Battle Pass to grind through while earning increasingly awesome rewards along the way.

Respawn Entertainment’s developers have kicked off the next era of their battle royale with Battle Charge, which is bringing loads of content to sift through like a new legend Wattson, weapons, and more.

A lot of people in the Apex community, however, will be happy to hear that this season’s Battle Pass is going to feel more rewarding, as leveling up will actually feel like progression instead of an endless grind.

Respawn EntertainmentThe Battle Pass is filled to the brim with exciting new content.

This season’s Battle Pass rewards are going to have a great mix of typical weapon skins, icons and more, but Respawn is also including some new additions that will definitely add more customization throughout the game with new loading screens and skydive emotes.

It seems like the Battle Pass in Battle Charge is going to be more diverse in its offerings as the devs turn fan feedback into great new items to shape their Apex experience.

Even if someone is still thinking about buying into the Season 2 Battle Pass, they’ll still be able to collect free rewards.

But those who put down 950 Apex Coins to buy into the Battle Pass or 2800 Apex Coins for the Battle Pass Bundle will have a ton more items to reap in their playthrough.

All rewards in Apex Legends Season 2 Battle Pass

There’s a massive amount of items to collect throughout the 100 levels in the Season 2 Battle pass, and players will be happy to know that Respawn is going to make it much easier this time to navigate through it with new Challenges.

Check them out below:

Apex Legends Weekly and Daily Challenges

The devs are incorporating Daily as well as Weekly Challenges that’ll give players who complete them an express path to grinding levels.

“More than half of your Weekly Challenges will grant an entire Battle Pass level as a reward,” Lead Product Manager Lee Horn said. “The remaining Daily & Weekly Challenges grant STARS which, combined with match XP, contribute to a repeatable Weekly Challenge that grants a full Battle Pass level with each completion. ”

The dev made it a point to highlight that the new STARS are “XP specific to Battle Pass,” and they will not impact Account Level progression.

Respawn EntertainmentChallenges will help along with completing the Season 2 Battle Pass.

While Daily Challenges reset quickly, Weekly Challenges will let players who bought into the Battle Pass late complete previous week’s challenges to get the most XP they can.

Then there will be a separate Weekly Resetting Challenges that will refresh weekly even if a player hasn’t completed them.

Apex Legends Season 2 is going to give players tons of ways to level up and earn rewards in a much better capacity than they did in the last season.

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Apex Legends dev responds to complaints about “recycled” LTMs

Published: 2/Dec/2020 15:49

by Alex Garton


An Apex Legends developer has responded to players’ complaints about bringing back old LTMs (limited-time modes), rather than adding new ones. His candid response shed some light on why Respawn continues to “recycle” LTMs and the effort that goes into perfecting them.

The debate surrounding Respawn’s continued use of recycled LTMs is not a new one. Certain members of the Apex community continue to voice their issue with the lack of all-new LTMs being added to the game.

Although there are have been numerous different limited-time modes since Apex released in 2019, Respawn brings back fan-favorites such as Armed & Dangerous and Always be Closing on a regular basis.

Although these modes are generally well-liked, some have assumed that they are recycled as a low effort means of adding ‘new’ content. However, senior game designer Daniel Klien has explained the team’s thinking.

Respawn Entertainment
‘Winter Express’ is the LTM returning with the Holo-Day Bash event.

Apex dev responds to complaints of “recycled” LTMs

Complaints surrounding LTMs on the Holo-Day Bash announcement thread led to a response from the dev. A number of players had expressed their disappointment that ‘Winter Express’ was just another “recycled” mode.

But, the game designer outlined the amount of effort that had gone into perfecting and reworking the ‘Winter Express’ mode: “between the supply ships and the new stations and a LOT of behind the scenes changes to reduce downtime it feels so much better to me.”

Despite the response, this only led to comments stating that ‘Winter Express’ was still a recycled LTM and that no new content had been added.

This led to an extremely candid statement from the developer that revealed the exact reason Respawn choose to bring back fan-favorite LTMs: “Real talk… everyone ASKS for game modes but looking at our numbers, it doesn’t seem like people play them nearly enough for us to put in the amount of effort required to make a new mode.”

This certainly offers some context to the debate surrounding “recycled” LTMs. If the player numbers don’t justify the resources needed to make a new LTM,  then why would Respawn continue to produce them?

Respawn Entertainment
LTMs are popular for a short period of time before players head back to the main modes.

It’s often difficult for developers to grasp what content a player base is looking for. Although social media can be a good indicator, it often only represents those who shout loudest, rather than the entire community.

Respawn devs remain very active and engage with players about issues, so feedback should always be encouraged.