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Apex Legends September Soiree brings back fan-favorite LTMs & Skins

Published: 8/Sep/2020 13:43 Updated: 15/Sep/2020 18:28

by Calum Patterson


The Apex Legends Soiree event is returning for September, bringing back a series of fan-favorite LTMs and cosmetics for a limited time, starting with the classic Dummies Big Day LTM.

Starting on Tuesday, September 8, the first LTM of the September Soiree will bring back the dummies mode, which replaces all the Legends with training dummies. You simply pick a color, and “survive while using surprise abilities and ultimates.”

But, this mode will only be in rotation for one week, before it’s moved out for another returning LTM on each Tuesday of September. The last one will begin on September 29.

DUMMIEs in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
DUMMIEs big day was the final LTM in the Grand Soiree event in January.

Respawn has said that “each event rolling out in September as part of the September Soiree will be an ode to fans and their favorite action-packed events.”

September Soiree LTMs

  • King’s Canyon: After Dark: Sept 9 – 15
  • Armed & Dangerous: Sept 15 – 22
  • DUMMIEs Big Day: Sept 22 – 29
  • LIVE. DIE. LIVE.: Sept 29 – Oct 6

Also, in a throwback to the Grand Soiree event in January, you will be able to purchase some of the event-exclusive skins again.

Apex Legends' Grand Soiree event.
Classic Grand Soiree event skins are coming back, and at a discount.

You’ll be able to get these skins at a discounted price, as well as rare and legendary pack bundles. The September Soiree Sale starts on September 15, and lasts only a week, ending on September 22.


This is the first mid-season event for Apex Legends Season 6, with a collection event also expected later in the season, as per the usual seasonal content schedule.

Players are also hoping to see cross-play added to the game soon, coinciding with the Switch and Steam releases, but dates have not been confirmed yet.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends hints at removing World’s Edge in Season 7

Published: 27/Oct/2020 19:13 Updated: 27/Oct/2020 19:20

by Bill Cooney


Apex Legends players are patiently waiting for Season 7 to begin and explore all the new content coming with it, but fans of World’s Edge will have to be patient to go back to Talos.

The map was added to Apex during Season 3 all the way back in October 2019 and was the second map in the game after King’s Canyon.

While it certainly mixed up the battle royale, it seems like World’s Edge will be on the way out when Season 7 gets going on November 4, 2020, based on what we’ve seen from Respawn.

In a tweet on Oct. 27, the official Apex Legends account hinted that “with World’s Edge on the verge of collapse, the Apex Games need to find a new home.”

It doesn’t take a genius to pick up on what Respawn is putting down here, as it seems the map will be removed from the game, at least for a while, with the start of Season 7.

This wouldn’t be without precedent either. Back in Season 3 when World’s Edge was first introduced King’s Canyon, the game’s original map from the release was removed until it returned in April of 2020.

With Ranked being broken into two splits for the new Season, Respawn plans to introduce players to Olympus, the new home of the Apex Games, before sending players back to WE later in the Ascension update.

In fact, Kings Canyon is already going to be completely nixed from Apex Legends’ ranked playlist in Season 7.

Titanfall 2 multiplayer map Angel City on Psamanthe.
Respawn Entertainment
Apex legends will be moving to Olympus on Psamanthe for Season 7.

It seems likely that the Legends will board the giant rocket that appeared recently on World’s Edge and set off somewhere new to battle it out for the top spot.

As for what will happen to the train and everything else, there was a black hole showcased in Horizon’s Stories from the Outlands video, that certainly seems like it would be able to swallow the entire map, and even the planet it’s located on.