Apex Legends September Soiree brings back fan-favorite LTMs & Skins

Calum Patterson
September Soiree event

The Apex Legends Soiree event is returning for September, bringing back a series of fan-favorite LTMs and cosmetics for a limited time, starting with the classic Dummies Big Day LTM.

Starting on Tuesday, September 8, the first LTM of the September Soiree will bring back the dummies mode, which replaces all the Legends with training dummies. You simply pick a color, and “survive while using surprise abilities and ultimates.”

But, this mode will only be in rotation for one week, before it’s moved out for another returning LTM on each Tuesday of September. The last one will begin on September 29.

DUMMIEs in Apex Legends
DUMMIEs big day was the final LTM in the Grand Soiree event in January.

Respawn has said that “each event rolling out in September as part of the September Soiree will be an ode to fans and their favorite action-packed events.”

September Soiree LTMs

  • King’s Canyon: After Dark: Sept 9 – 15
  • Armed & Dangerous: Sept 15 – 22
  • DUMMIEs Big Day: Sept 22 – 29
  • LIVE. DIE. LIVE.: Sept 29 – Oct 6

Also, in a throwback to the Grand Soiree event in January, you will be able to purchase some of the event-exclusive skins again.

Apex Legends' Grand Soiree event.
Classic Grand Soiree event skins are coming back, and at a discount.

You’ll be able to get these skins at a discounted price, as well as rare and legendary pack bundles. The September Soiree Sale starts on September 15, and lasts only a week, ending on September 22.


This is the first mid-season event for Apex Legends Season 6, with a collection event also expected later in the season, as per the usual seasonal content schedule.

Players are also hoping to see cross-play added to the game soon, coinciding with the Switch and Steam releases, but dates have not been confirmed yet.