Apex Legends ‘War Games’ event update: Skins, LTMs, rewards, more

Connor Bennett

The next Apex Legends event for Season 8 is War Games, bringing new skins, LTMs, and more. Here’s what you need to know.

As the Apex Legends seasons have rolled on, Respawn Entertainment have spiced things up with events. These events – sometimes themed, sometimes Collection Events – bring new skins, game modes, heirlooms, and a whole lot more to the futuristic battle royale.

Even though Season 8 isn’t too far away from concluding, there’s still time for another event, following Choas Theory. Mad Maggie returns for the War Games event.

When is the War Games event update?

The event will roll out on April 13 at 10am PT / 1PM ET / 6PM BST. It’s expected to just be a server-side update, meaning you won’t have to do a download, the playlists will just update.

Apex Legends War Games lifeline skin

Apex Legends War Games event content

Apex Legends War Games event starts on April 13, and will run for two weeks, ending on April 27 – just before Season 9 is due to start.

The event isn’t a collection event though, rather it’s just to spice things up for the remainder of the season, with some skin recolors and LTMs to play.

War Games skins, cosmetics & prize tracker rewards

Unlike the Anniversary Collection Event, or even Chaos Theory,  War Games isn’t loaded with map changes or a new heirloom, but instead just full of cosmetics.

We’ve already had some skins leak ahead of time, and you can check those out here, and you can see them in action in the trailer above.

The War Games Prize Track will include five battle pass levels, two charms, an epic Rampart skin, an epic 30-30 Repeater skin, a rare Crypto skin, and Caustic stat trackers.

War Games prize track
Caustic stat trackers for this event.

Apex Legends War Games LTMs

In terms of new game modes, War Games will have multiple. There will be five different game modes that rotate on a 48-hour basis.

  • Second Chance: Get a free respawn (4/13 – 4/15)
  • Ultra Zones: Compete for top loot (4/15 – 4/19)
  • Auto Banners: Automatically retrieve fallen banners (4/19 – 4/21)
  • Killing Time: Round time is reduced whenever a Legend dies. (4/21 – 4/23)
  • Armor Regen: Shield regenerates (4/23 – 4/27)

After the event concludes, it will just about be time for Season 9. Expect some teasers in-game for the new season throughout this event too.

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