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Black Ops Cold War guides: weapons, maps, streaks, perks, Warzone, more

Published: 15/Nov/2020 0:50 Updated: 26/Nov/2020 16:51

by Albert Petrosyan


Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is finally nearly here, and to help you land on your feet once the game launches, we’ve put together numerous guides and informational articles on the game’s important areas.

Black Ops Cold War might be the most intricately designed Call of Duty titles to date, filled with various ins and outs that players will have to figure out before they can truly master the game.

But don’t let that intimidate you – we’re here to help! Below, you can find various guides and “how-to” articles walking you through all the important aspects of the game and preparing you to be the best BOCW player you can be.

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Weapon Guides

Black Ops Cold War mastery camos
Gold, Diamond, and Dark Matter ultra camos are back again in Black Ops Cold War.

Every weapon in Black Ops Cold War & how to unlock them

It comes as no surprise that Black Ops Cold War’s multiplayer is full of dozens of different weapons. Learn about each gun and all the stats, as well as the levels that they can be unlocked at.

Fastest killing weapons in Black Ops Cold War: TTK & damage stats

Time to kill is a very important stat in Call of Duty multiplayer, and Black Ops Cold War features a slightly slower TTK than Modern Warfare. Catch up on how long it takes for each weapon to eliminate an enemy as well as the relevant damage stats.

How to get Hauer 77 shotgun blueprint for free

Opting into receiving emails from Call of Duty will earn you the Hauer 77 shotgun blueprint in BOCW, free of charge. Click the link above to find out what you need to do.

How to unlock Gold, Diamond, & DM Ultra camos

Mastery weapon camos like Gold, Diamond, and Dark Matter Ultra are all the rage when a new CoD comes out, so for those who want to grind and unlock them, we’ve got all the challenges for all the guns, all in one place.

Fastest ways to level up weapons in Black Ops Cold War

It’s no secret that leveling up guns in BOCW can be a bit of a drag, so to help you speed up that process, we’ve put together some tips on the best ways to gain Weapon XP.

Best Black Ops Cold War weapons to use in Warzone

Here are seven guns that you should be leveling up ahead of the cross-progression update.

Best loadouts

Black Ops Cold War weapons
Reddit: u/OilCityHevs / Treyarch
There are a lot of viable weapons in Black Ops Cold War

5 Best Ak-74u loadouts for Black Ops Cold War

Whether you prefer to frag while running and gunning, or simply want to rack up time in the objective, we’ve got you covered with the best AK-74u loadouts for every playstyle in Black Ops Cold War.

Best Hauer 77 loadout for Black Ops Cold War

If you’re looking to one-shot enemies in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War with a shotgun, there’s an incredible Hauer 77 loadout that will help you dominate your Multiplayer matches in no time.

Best Pellington 703 loadout for Black Ops Cold War

The Pellington 703 is the perfect weapon for players looking to play aggressively with a sniper rifle in CoD Black Ops Cold War.

5 best MP5 loadouts in Black Ops Cold War for all playstyles

Even after being nerfed, the MP5 is still the most popular submachine gun in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, and no mater your playstyle there’s a great loadout just waiting to be used.

Best Type 63 loadout for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

The Type 63 is capable of dishing out some incredible damage thanks to its methodical firing pattern and excellent precision. Here are all the attachments you should be using when running and gunning with the Type 63.

Best Krig 6 loadout for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

The Krig 6 has slowly been creeping into the meta spotlight after the recent FFAR and M16 nerfs, so find out which attachments you should equip to increase this gun’s lethality.

Best Gallo SA12 loadout for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

With the return of shotguns as secondary weapons, many Black Ops Cold War players have been bombarding their foes with deadly buckshot rounds. Here’s the attachments you need to make the Gallo SA12 even more lethal.

Best LW3 Tundra loadout for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Despite not being everyone’s favorite sniper rifle in Black Ops Cold War, the LW3 Tundra is still a respectable choice because it packs a bigger punch than its fellow bolt-action rifle, the Pellington 703. Here’s what you need to build one of the best loadouts for the Tundra.

5 best loadouts in Call of Duty: Warzone

If you’ve just unlocked the ability to edit classes but aren’t sure what guns, perks, and wildcards to pick, check out our top 5 recommendations to get you started.

Best M16 loadout for Black Ops Cold War

The M16 is one of the most iconic weapons in all of Call of Duty and it makes yet another appearance in Black Ops Cold War. During the beta, the M16 proved to be one of the strongest guns in the game, and we nailed down a very strong loadout that maximizes the rifle’s potential.

Best MP5 loadout for Black Ops Cold War

Much like in Modern Warfare, the MP5 is once again one of the go-to guns and we’ve put together the best class to use in multiplayer featuring the powerful SMG.

Best Bullfrog loadout for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

The Bullfrog is capable of unleashing plenty of highly-damaging rounds in a matter of seconds. While it isn’t as potent as the pre-patch MP5, it’s still a great SMG for those that enjoy the run and gun playstyle.

Best Milano 821 loadout for Black Ops Cold War

If you’re trying to be as quick as possible on the map, this speedy Milano setup is as good as it gets in BOCW.

Best AUG loadout for Black Ops Cold War

The AUG has proven itself to be a very strong Tactical Rifle in BOCW multiplayer; make sure to try out our loadout and see if you can shred with it as we did.

Best FFAR 1 loadout for Black Ops Cold War

Assault Rifles don’t come any faster than this in BOCW but we’ve got you covered with an optimal loadout to tame the FFAR 1.

Best XM4 loadout for Black Ops Cold War

You might overlook the starting weapons in BOCW, but the XM4 can hold its own against any AR with this ideal setup.

Best quickscoping loadout for Black Ops Cold War

If you’re all about snapping onto targets and making montages, we’ve got the absolute best sniper loadout designed just for quickscoping.

Best RPD loadout for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Despite not being an extremely popular weapon within Black Ops Cold War, the RPD light-machine gun has incredible potential for a variant that has extremely low recoil but keeps its high rate of fire.

Map & Mode guides

Black Ops Cold War Moscow
Black Ops Cold War only has eight maps at launch.

Every multiplayer map in Black Ops Cold War

Maps are arguably the most important factor when it comes to how good a Call of Duty game’s multiplayer is. In BOCW, there’s plenty of maps to choose from, all of them themed after or tied in with the Cold War era of world history.

Every multiplayer mode in Black Ops Cold War

Alongside the abundance of maps, Black Ops Cold War also comes boasting a huge set of unique game modes. From classic deathmatch playlists to more honed in objective-based modes, there’s plenty to see and do. Make sure you’ve brushed up on how every mode works before diving in.

Hardpoint rotations for every map in Black Ops Cold War

Familiarize yourself with all of the Hardpoint locations and their order on every multiplayer map.


Perks, streaks, Operators etc

Black Ops Cold War scorestreaks
There are plenty of scorestreaks in Black Ops Cold War.

All scorestreaks in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Scorestreaks and killstreaks can turn the tide of any Call of Duty multiplayer match, and Black Ops Cold War a brand new system filled with streaks that players can earn. Get to know each of them, as well as how the new system works, with our comprehensive info hub.

Best Perks to use in Black Ops Cold War

Familiarize yourself with all of the Perks that are available in multiplayer and which ones are worth equipping over others in your loadouts.

All Field Upgrades in Black Ops Cold War and how to use them

Having first been introduced in Modern Warfare, Field Upgrades are back in BOCW multiplayer, giving you yet another tool to shift the balance of gunfights in your favor. Learn all about this game’s set of Field Upgrades and how to best use each one.

Black Ops Cold War trophies & achievements confirmed: full list

While this may not be the biggest thing of note when it comes to BOCW, there are many out there who care about unlocking trophies and achievements. In this game, there are a whopping 44 in total, combined between Campaign, Multiplayer, and Zombies.

How to unlock all Black Ops Cold War Operators

A set of new operators will arrive with the release of Black Ops Cold War. To unlock them all, you’ll need to complete a set of challenges. This guide will show you exactly how to unlock each of them.

Best scorestreaks to use in Black Ops Cold War multiplayer

Black Ops Cold War provides players with a range of scorestreaks to utilize in multiplayer, but it can be difficult to choose which ones will aid you the most within your games. Well, here’s what we think are the best scorestreaks to run in Cold War multiplayer to rack up your kills.


Guides for leveling up & completing challenges

Black Ops Cold War challenges
Completing challenges is key to leveling up in Black Ops Cold War.

How to level up fast in Black Ops Cold War

Without Double XP, leveling up in BOCW isn’t the easiest thing in the world, so we’ve put together some tips to help you maximize your earned XP.

How to complete all Dark Ops challenges in BOCW

Dark Ops is an area of multiplayer challenges that’s actually kept hidden, at least in-game. The requirements to complete this secret set of challenges are never officially revealed, but we’ve got them here for you if you’re interested.


Prestige & Progression

Black Ops Cold War Prestige
Black Ops Cold War has brought Prestige ranks back to Call of Duty!

Black Ops Cold War’s Seasonal Prestige system explained

Due to popular demand, Treyarch are bringing back Prestige ranks in a brand new seasonal system for Black Ops Cold War. The details for this can be a little confusing, so make sure to view our guide on how all of this works.

Black Ops Cold War, Warzone, Modern Warfare to share progression

Acting on their promise to use Warzone as the tying bond between various CoD sub-franchises, it will share a progression system with both BOCW and Modern Warfare – the details of which can all be found in the link above.



Warzone Black Ops Cold War integration
Players can use both Black Ops Cold War and Modern Warfare guns in Warzone.

Warzone integration for Black Ops Cold War & Modern Warfare explained

It’s already been announced that the Black Ops Cold War integration in Warzone won’t take place until the new game’s first season kicks off on December 10. Find out more about this whole process and what it means with our linked info page.


Roadmaps & post-launch content

Black Ops Cold War roadmap
The first content roadmap released for Black Ops Cold War.

Black Ops Cold War: Nuketown ’84, Season 1 roadmap, more

Some of the post-launch content for Black Ops Cold War has already been announced, so catch up on the next iteration of the iconic Nuketown map, everything coming in Season 1, and more.

PlayStation-exclusive Black Ops Cold War content

As per Sony’s ongoing exclusivity deal with Activison, BOCW features a plethora of content that will be exclusive to those on PS4 and PS5, so if that’s you, make sure to take advantage


Zombies Guides

Black Ops Cold War Zombies
Zombies is back and better than ever in Black Ops Cold War.

How to build Pack-a-Punch in Die Maschine Zombies map

Pack-a-Punch is back in Zombies although not everything about is the same as previous iterations. Catch up on how it works in BOCW as well as how to build it.

Best perks to buy in Black Ops Cold War Zombies

Choosing the right perks could be the difference between an early death, and completing Die Maschine. Use our BOCW guide to pick out the best ones.

Best settings, download info, PC specs,

Black Ops Cold War preload
You can preload Black Ops Cold War ahead of its release date.

Black Ops Cold War PC requirements: minimum & recommended specs

For those getting BOCW on PC, Activision has announced exactly what specs players should have on their computer for the game to run on their preferred quality of graphics, from the minimum to Ultra with Ray-Tracing.

Best settings to increase Black Ops Cold War PC FPS

Getting high frames per second is crucial to your game looking good on PC, so we’ve got some of the best settings to use to max out your FPS

How to uninstall Cold War modes on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC

For those who are struggling to find space on their console or PC, you can uninstall parts of BOCW that you don’t play, like the Campaign and Zombies.

How to upgrade BOCW from PS4 to PS5

There’s a lot of confusion out there on how to exactly upgrade your game from the PS4 version to its next-gen counterpart, and we’ve got all the details you need to know.

How to upgrade BOCW from Xbox One to Xbox Series X/S

Same exact concept as the one above, except for the current-gen and next-gen Xbox consoles

How to change between PS4 & PS5 versions of BOCW on PS5

Not to be confused with the previous guide, this one helps you make sure you’re not accidentally running the PS4 version of BOCW on the PS5, which is a mistake a lot of players have been making.

How to increase viability in BOCW: best settings

A lot of BOCW players are struggling with visibility issues and seeing enemies on several of the maps. In order to help resolve this, we’ve put together some of the best settings you should use.

Make sure to check back here regularly as we will be updating this hub with every new Black Ops Cold War guide and info post that we release.

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Call of Duty

Best Black Ops Cold War weapons to use in Warzone

Published: 26/Nov/2020 14:42

by James Busby


While Warzone currently shares its loadouts with Modern Warfare, it won’t be long until Black Ops Cold War’s guns are integrated into the game. Here are seven guns that you should be leveling up ahead of the cross-progression update. 

Black Ops Cold War features plenty of deadly weapons that will drastically shake up the Warzone meta, giving players even more choice when it comes to crafting the perfect loadout. Warzone will also share weapon progression with both Black Ops Cold War and Modern Warfare, so you’ll be able to level up your guns in either game. This integration will likely have a huge impact on Warzone’s current meta, especially when Treyarch adds new weapons to Black Ops Cold War.

While Modern Warfare’s ever-popular Kilo 141 and MP5 loadouts will still likely remain popular picks among players, there are a number of new and returning guns that could dethrone the current kings. As a result, we’ve put together a list of the seven best Black Ops Cold War guns you’ll want to use in Warzone. 


AK-47 Black Ops Cold War
Activision / Treyarch
Black Ops Cold War’s AK-47 will be a force to be reckoned with when it drops into Verdansk.

Best AK-47 loadout

While this Russian rifle struggled to compete in Modern Warfare’s, it has come back with a vengeance in Treyarch’s latest title. In fact, the AK-47 is the best gun in the entire game thanks to its high-damage and incredible versatility. Whether you prefer to run and gun your way to victory, or methodically pick off targets from afar, there is a loadout that caters to every kind of playstyle. 

This reliable rifle has proven so lethal that it has dominated the pro and casual CoD scene since launch. One of the most potent AK-47 builds literally has no recoil, so this could rival the new Kilo 141 when it drops. The difference between both Modern Warfare’s AK-47 and the current Black Ops Variant is night and day.

Krig 6

Krig 6
Activision / Treyarch
The Krig 6 is one of the most accurate AR’s in the game.

Best Krig 6 loadout

The Krig 6 has been making a name for itself thanks to its low recoil and methodical fire rate. While it doesn’t deal as much damage as the AK-47, it makes up for this with its fantastic precision. Warzone is dominated by assault rifles like the Kilo 141, Grau 5.56, and M13 as these weapons enable the user to beam opponents without the need to wrestle with any finicky recoil patterns.

After all, being able to effortlessly hit players from across all ranges is a huge bonus to any Warzone player looking to increase their kill count. The Krig 6 also boasts excellent weapon control and quick reloads, making it a great pick for those that prefer to seek out those all-important headshots. 


M16 Black Ops Cold War
Activision / Treyarch
Only time will tell whether this classic assault rifle has what it takes to wreak havoc across Verdansk.

Best M16 loadout

Modern Warfare’s FAMAS demonstrated just how bad burst rifles could be in Warzone, but the M16 could change this notion completely. Unlike the FAMAS, Black Ops Cold War’s M16 can dish out highly accurate rounds in a matter of seconds. In fact, the iconic burst rifle was recently nerfed as it was overperforming.

Despite Treyarch toning down its damage range and slightly increasing its delay between bursts, this AR still absolutely melts opponents. Any gun that can accurately drop an enemy in a couple of bursts is always going to pique the interest of Warzone players. As proven by gameplay in Fireteam: Dirty Bomb, the M16 can quickly down even the most well-armored of enemies. 


MP5 Black Ops Cold War
Activision / Treyarch
The MP5 still continues to dominate the SMG competition.

Best MP5 loadout

A lot of Call of Duty fans were left disappointed when they found that the MP5 still remained at the top of the SMG rankings. Multiplayer lobbies were dominated by this lightning-fast SMG during Black Ops Cold War’s launch week, and it’s not hard to see why. Despite the recent nerf, the MP5 still boasts high rates of fire, great mobility, and decent close-quarters damage.

Whether this variant will prove as lethal as the Warzone’s current MP5 remains to be seen, but we expect the new attachments will certainly allow it to rival its predecessor. 

Type 63

Type 63 Black Ops Cold War
Activision / Treyarch
The Type 63 is one Tactical Rifle that is worth adding to your arsenal.

Best Type 63 loadout

While the Type 63 shares a few similarities to Modern Warfare’s EBR-14, it is better in every single way. Not only does it have a significantly lower recoil pattern, it can also unleash some incredibly fast two shot kills. Equipping the 18.3” Strike Team barrel will not only speed up this semi-auto rifle’s fire rate, but it will also increase its damage. 

While most semi-auto rifles are often plagued by sluggish fire rates, high recoil, and lackluster magazine sizes, the Type 63 doesn’t fall victim to these negatives. Just like Warzone’s Marksman Rifles, the Type 63 offers sniper-like precision and damage with the added bonus of mobility. 


AUG Black Ops Cold War
Activision / Treyarch
The AUG’s highly accurate burst fire makes it lethal across all ranges.

Best AUG loadout

Unlike Modern Warfare’s full-auto AUG SMG, Black Ops Cold War’s variant offers greater accuracy and range. This burst-fire tactical rifle is capable of dealing even more damage than the M16, especially when it’s equipped with the 19.6” Match Grade Barrel. This increases its effective damage range by 100%, making it hit even harder across mid to long-range distances. 

Burst fire weapons have obviously been lacking in Warzone, but Black Ops’ AUG could quickly change that. 

Stoner 63

Stoner 63 Black Ops Cold War
Activision / Treyarch
The Stoner 63 could rival the popular Bruen and PKM loadouts.

LMGs have been somewhat lacking in Black Ops Cold War due to their overall bulk and slower ADS times. However, this isn’t the case in Warzone. After all, the Bruen, PKM, and the FiNN are prime examples of how LMGs can dominate the competition. 

The Stoner 63 is arguably the best suited LMG for Warzone. This is partly down to a combination of speed and accuracy. While both the RPD and M60 offer better damage, their poor accuracy makes them difficult to recommend. Simply attach the SALVO 125 RND Fast Mag and the Airborne Elastic Wrap to begin getting those game-winning squad wipes. 

So there you have it, seven of the best Black Ops Cold War guns you should be using in Warzone. If you want to keep updated with all the latest Call of Duty news and updates, then follow us over on @DexertoIntel.