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Fastest killing weapons in Black Ops Cold War: TTK & gun damage stats

Published: 3/Nov/2020 20:45 Updated: 3/Nov/2020 21:22

by Tanner Pierce


Wondering which weapons kill the fastest in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War? Below, you can find all the damage stats and time to kill (TTK) for each gun in multiplayer – currently based on the BOCW Beta but could be changed following the game’s full release.

In most first-person shooters, let alone Call of Duty titles, time-to-kill is everything. Knowing how long it’ll take for you to kill another player can be the difference between winning and losing a gunfight. Even among the general time to kill in the game, each individual weapon has its own TTK, which changes things up even more.


For a while, we’ve known the general TTK for Black Ops Cold War, at least in the pre-release version, but we never got a look at each individual weapon’s specific stats. Now, a Reddit user named AzizVS2 has compiled all of the stats from the beta in a comprehensive guide to all of the BOCW guns.

Black Ops Cold War Beta time to kill

According to a Reddit user, these are the TTK for each weapon in the Black Ops Cold War Beta.

According to AzizVS2’s breakdown, two of the fastest killing guns in the Beta were the Hauer 77 pump-action shotgun, which regularly got one-shot kills, and the M16. If you played the pre-release version, neither should come as a shock, as each one dominated the meta during both weekends.


The slowest killing weapon, according to the chart, was the Type 63 semi-automatic rifle. This also shouldn’t come as a surprise either – even though it does deal high damage, it also has a pretty slow rate of fire. This effectively balances out its TTK to one of the tamest of Cold War weapons.

Black Ops Cold War Beta weapon damage

The Reddit user also released info about the damage for individual weapons in the Black Ops Cold War Beta.

In addition to TTK, a lot of other weapon stats have also been calculated and presented. According to the chart, the highest damage weapon was, once again, the Hauer 77 shotgun, clocking in at 159 damage at its closest effective range (6m). The Gallo Sa12 shotgun also put up respectable numbers, putting out 118 damage at the same range as the Hauer.


The two lowest weapons were the Diamatti pistol and the XM4 assault rifle, both outputting 30 damage per shot. That being said, it’s worth noting that both have a high rate of fire and a much longer range than the shotguns, obviously.

There are some things that should be pointed out about all this, of course, starting with the fact that these stats are not official and haven’t been confirmed by Treyarch or Activision. This means that there could be some miscalculations.

Furthermore, as mentioned above, all of this is based on the BOCW Beta, and there’s a good chance Treyarch will implement some weapon balancing updates when the game fully launches, so expect these lists to change.


The time to kill in the full release of Black Ops Cold War could be completely changed for every gun.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is set to release on Friday, November 13 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Series X, Series S, and PC.