Every multiplayer map in CoD: Black Ops Cold War

Andrew Highton
maps in cod black ops cold war

Call of Duty multiplayer maps have become so synonymous with online gaming that it’s imperative that they are instantly memorable. Certain maps can easily go down in folklore, so without further ado, these are all the maps in CoD: Black Ops Cold War.

Nuketown, Rust, Crash, and Terminal are just some of the legendary maps we’ve seen from CoD over the years. They are now famous battlegrounds that have waged many a war. But instead of traditional multiplayer maps, Call of Duty games are now expanding their scope thanks to new game modes.

The traditional maps have reverted back to the age-old formula of “three lanes”. This allows for more concentrated, and simplistic, ways of engaging in combat. In addition to this, the brand new Fireteam game mode provides players with a whole new way of tackling Treyarch‘s multiplayer.

So this is everything we know about the maps in CoD: Black Ops Cold War.

tank in cod black ops cold war
Maps are now are as big and as great as ever.

Generally, the Call of Duty series has stuck to a familiar strategy with regards to map design. You create three main channels that dictate the map. You have a left-side, the middle, and the right side. It allows for players to mix things up, change up their approach on the fly, and access different avenues to attack.

CoD has experimented with this in recent years and it appears that the maps in Black Ops Cold War are returning to their roots.

As with always, a game’s longevity and reputation can be determined by the strength of its maps. A meaty, multiplayer bonanza is worthless is it’s not supplemented by maps you want to play endlessly. Hence why many older maps in the franchise are repeatedly added to a current game’s roster of choice. So, let’s jump into the list – along with each map’s official description, from the Call of Duty website.

CoD Black Ops Cold War multiplayer maps list


Description: Based on Operation Azorian, U.S. and Soviet forces arrive in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean in search of a prototype nuclear submarine. The scale of the Cold War could be tipped in favor of whoever salvages it, whether it be the Soviets reclaiming it or the U.S. intercepting it. Zipline from ship to ship or command gunboats to turn the tide of the fight.

armada map in cod black ops cold war
This is true naval warfare in Armada.


Description: Information coming soon.

cartel in cod black ops cold war
The stunning graphics really light up Cartel.


Description: At a pivotal route to Afghanistan deep in Uzbekistan, NATO forces are mobilized to ambush a large Soviet military convoy comprised of mobile ICBM launchers. With the backdrop of a frozen Soviet Wilderness, an MI6 Squadron are ready to combat any Spetsnaz forces in order to secure the top-secret intel held on the convoy, as well as any necessary supplies for future operations. Use tanks to blow up enemy positions or snowmobiles to zip behind the enemy and break their lines.

crossroads in cod black ops cold war
This map will leave you in a Crossroads in your life.


Description: Through hired DGI forces, Perseus ambushed and assaulted a prison transport in Miami’s famed South Beach in order to free a trusted ally. Amid the cover of the night amongst vibrant art-deco architecture and neon lights, CIA special forces have been dispatched to eliminate remaining DGI forces and identify clues to Perseus’ whereabouts.

miami in cod black ops cold war
Get out a machine gun and vibe in the neon lights of Miami.


Description: In the heart of the U.S.S.R, a Spetsnaz squad was sent to a compromised CIA safe house in order to secure the area, capture any remaining CIA operatives, and acquire further intel on NATO’s future plans. Initial reports indicate that the area has gone hot and fighting has spilled out into the streets, prompting a second CIA-JSOC team to arrive at the scene as reinforcements.

mosocw in cod black ops cold war
This map will kick like a Moscow mule.

Nuketown 84′

Description: Information coming soon.

nuketown in cod black ops cold war
Nuketown returns once again with its close-quarters chaos.


Description: Deep in the deserts of Angola, Central Africa, a top-secret, American-made reconnaissance satellite known as the KH-9 has been grounded, potentially by Perseus. Hired DGI forces are searching for the sensitive intel it holds, while NATO’s MI6 Squadron has been dispatched to secure the site and eliminate DGI stragglers.

satellite map in cod black ops cold war
The Satellite in the middle of the map could dominate the flow of battle.

Fireteam maps


Description: Information coming soon.

alpine in cod black ops cold war
Alpine is a cold, calculated setting for a Fireteam map.


Description: Information coming soon.

ruka in cod black ops cold war
A raucous Ruka should make for tremendously intense Fireteam matches.

Zombies maps

Dead Ops 3 Arcade

Description: Information coming soon.

dead ops in cod black ops cold war
The fan-favorite Dead Ops is finally back.

Die Maschine

Description: Information coming soon.

die maschine map in cod black ops cold war
Die Maschine is the latest bout of zombie-pummeling.

There you have it, that’s all the information we know about the maps in CoD: Black Ops Cold War.

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