All confirmed weapons coming to Call of Duty Black Ops 6

Daniel Appleford

Call of Duty Black Ops 6 is on the horizon, and with it comes a new series of weapons for players to discover and master. Here are all the weapons known to be coming to the game via a press release.

Call of Duty has had thousands of weapons over its lifecycle, with some being new additions and others being brought over from previous titles. This time around will be no different, with some weapons from previous Black Ops titles making another appearance.

Here are the current known weapons in Black Ops 6.

Weapon list for Call of Duty Black Ops 6

Twelve weapons that haven’t been in the franchise before will be included in Black Ops 6. Wherever there are repeat weapons, die-hard fans should recognize them.

  • Jackal PDW
  • XM4
  • Marine Shotgun
  • Kompact 92
  • SVD
  • 9MM PM

These are just a few of the weapons coming to the latest Call of Duty installment. However, many more guns and weapons will be added when the game officially launches and receives further updates later on.

In addition to these weapons, Call of Duty will introduce dedicated melees in Black Ops 6. This is different from previous titles, where players would have to select a knife as a secondary weapon to use it.

These knives may spell a new era of weapons for Black Ops 6, including the possibility of additional melee types being added to the game.

Various weapons will also have attachments to enhance their accuracy and playability. However, what attachments will be made available for what gun isn’t known at the moment.

Black Ops 6 will also overhaul the loadout system, making it different from previous iterations with the addition of a pick-ten system, wild cards, and more.

Additional information regarding the Operators, Maps, Modes, and more will be revealed as the countdown begins for the game’s release.

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