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Black Ops Cold War PS-exclusive perks: extra loadouts, 2XP events, more

Published: 6/Nov/2020 18:35 Updated: 6/Nov/2020 20:06

by Tanner Pierce


After it was revealed that PlayStation players would be getting an exclusive Zombies mode called Onslaught, Activision has announced that fans on that console will also be receiving a slew of other advantages, including extra create-a-class slots.

If you were planning on playing Black Ops Cold War on Xbox or PC, then you’re about to be at an immediate disadvantage in comparison to PlayStation fans.

Thanks to Activision’s exclusivity deal with Sony, Black Ops Cold War fans on the PlayStation 4 and PS5 will be able to take advantage of a number of different features only available on those consoles.

Extra create-a-class slots and XP bonuses

The most notable of these exclusive features are 2 additional create-a-class slots.There’s nothing inherently special about these two extra slots, they include the same features and abilities as all the others, other than the fact that Xbox and PC players won’t get them for around a year.

In addition, PlayStation players will also get a special deal that gives them 5 extra tier skips when they buy the battle pass and 20 tier skip bundle, essentially making it a 25 tier skip bundle.

Finally, PS4 and PS5 players will also be able to take advantage of two different XP bonuses in Black Ops Cold War. Once every month, the game will get a 24hr-long double XP boost, only on PS consoles.

On top of that, if your party consists of only PlayStation users, you and everyone else in that party will receive a 25% weapon XP increase while you stay together.

This essentially means that PS fans will be able to level up their weapons faster than people on other consoles if they play their cards right.

Exclusive Zombies Onslaught mode

In addition to the above, PlayStation players will also have access to the previously announced Zombies Onslaught mode. The 2-player experience will drop players into standard multiplayer maps and force them to fight off the undead.

Fans will be forced to move around the map during each match, while also having to fight special boss-like zombies called Elite enemies. Earning a specific rank in this mode will grant “useful rewards,” which seemingly won’t be available to Xbox or PC users.

All of the aforementioned content, including the Zombies Onslaught mode, will be available on other platforms starting on November 1, 2021, meaning Xbox and PC players have to wait a whole year before they see any of this.

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Bizarre Black Ops Cold War bug is making players fall through maps

Published: 24/Nov/2020 11:44

by Jacob Hale


Black Ops Cold War players are facing an issue which is seeing them completely fall through the maps in the game, and nobody knows why.

As with any new release, Cold War is not without its bugs. Players claim that the game is giving them free Dark Matter camos and, perhaps worst of all, even bricking their Xbox Series X consoles.

One of the major complaints about BOCW has been the lack of maps, with just eight being available at launch — and matters are about to get even worse for Treyarch if this bug persists.

In multiple clips, we’ve seen players simply falling through the map and dying, and it doesn’t seem bound to one particular map either.

moscow black ops cold war map
Moscow is one of the more popular maps in Black Ops Cold War — but this bug is making it difficult.

The first clip embedded below shows Sturmbrecher64 on Reddit playing out of their spawn on Garrison.

After moving behind some barrels for protection from incoming gunfire, Sturmbrecher just drops right through the floor, even granting his enemy the kill!

Sturmbrecher isn’t the only victim, though, as professional player Dylan ‘Envoy’ Hannon of OpTic Chicago also found himself flying under the map randomly when trying to hold spawns on Moscow Hardpoint.

Needless to say, he didn’t hold the spawns, and actually isn’t the first major problem pros have found on Moscow: his OpTic teammate Matthew ‘FormaL’ Piper actually found himself stuck in a glass window, unable to move when attempting to rotate to a different bombsite, with the only option being to throw a nade at his own feet or — in this lucky instance — have Envoy ‘punch’ him out of the spot.

It’s not clear yet whether these points specifically on each map are causing problems for players, or if it’s random, but it’s evidently something that is an issue across the game in general, so Treyarch will likely be finding ways to fix it up as soon as possible.