How to get Black Ops Cold War’s Hauer 77 shotgun blueprint for free

Tanner Pierce

Black Ops Cold War has a slew of weapons but only a couple shotguns, at least for right now. That being said, players can get a free blueprint for the more powerful shotgun in the game, the Hauer 77, just by completing a simple task. Here’s how you can unlock it.

If the alpha and beta are any indication, Black Ops Cold War has some pretty powerful weapons. Between the M16 rifle, the MP5 SMG, and the semi-auto Gallo SA-12 shotgun, there are some incredibly formidable weapons that players have access to while playing.

One of the best weapons in the game is the Hauer 77 shotgun. Of course, pump-action shotguns have always been relatively powerful in CoD games, but this one is capable of one-shot kills with ease. Now you can get a blueprint for the shotgun, simply by being open to some more emails.

The Hauer 77 is one of the most powerful shotguns in the game.

Hauer 77 “Battle Worn” Blueprint

While the shotgun itself is quite powerful, the blueprint is a bit unique. Aesthetically it features a black and lime-green color-scheme, alongside the MACV-SOG logo and camo, which will certainly make the weapon stand out against other weapons in the game.

Given that it’s a blueprint and not a camo, it also comes with some attachments. According to Activision, it comes with an extended magazine, an alternate stock, and a different grip. It’s currently unknown which specific grip and stock are attached to the gun or if there are other attachments included that the devs aren’t telling us about.

How to unlock the “Battle Worn” Blueprint

Players will have to sign-in to their Call of Duty account in order to get the blueprint.

Unlocking the Battle Worn Blueprint is relatively simple. All you have to do sign up for marketing emails from Call of Duty. While the steps to complete this are a bit annoying, they are easy enough to follow and should only take a few minutes to do.

  1. Log-in to your Call of Duty Account.
  2. Click on Preferences
  3. Opt-in to emails

After that, all you have to do is log-in to Black Ops Cold War and it should be awarded to you in-game. While it does require you to go through a few hoops, getting a blueprint for a powerful shotgun could make it worthwhile in the end.

Here’s hoping that Treyarch and Activision do more deals like this in the future because getting these unique weapons is certainly a nice touch.