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Best perks to use in Black Ops Cold War multiplayer

Published: 16/Nov/2020 13:54

by Andrew Highton


Perks are one of the many ways in which players can customize their load-outs to their heart’s content. Some are alright, some are must-have. Focusing on the latter, here are the absolute best perks in Black Ops Cold War.

Every CoD’s nuances are what makes each game feel unique and different from the last. Multiplayer is more than just point, aim, and fire. Your perks and various other abilities and accessories are what completes your setup.

As with every year, the right perks are critical to ensuring your best chance of success. So we’re going to try and point you in the direction to see if we can maximize your kills-per-game.

Best perks you should equip

What’s the point of being an A1, tip-top, marksman extraordinaire if your perks are meaningless tag-alongs?

Make the most out of them, that’s why they’re there after all. So we’ll run through all 15 of the perks that CoD: Black Ops Cold War has to offer and single out the best ones for you.


paranoia perk in bocw
Paranoia is great for keeping you on your toes.

Description: Hear an alert when an enemy aims at you. Your vision pulses if the enemy is outside of your view.

Any perk that gives you some alert that you’ve been seen is always useful. With Paranoia equipped, an audio cue will generate, basically informing you that your position has been compromised. It’s admittedly not quite as useful if you run around the map like a headless chicken. But it’s still a great perk and is so beneficial in more tactical modes.

Gear Head

gear head perk in bocw
Worth it for those regular Proximity Mines.

Description: Reduce Field Upgrade cool down. Store up to two Field Upgrade charges.

The importance of field upgrades can be quite understated sometimes. When you’ve got beauties like the Proximity Mine and the SAM Turret, having regular access to these devices is essential.

Direct competition with Quartermaster, Gear Head just prevails because of its ability to store more of these invaluable pieces of equipment.


gung ho perk in bocw
A foregone conclusion if you like balls-to-the-wall, high-octane action.

Description: Fire your weapon and use Equipment while sprinting. Move at full speed when reloading. Switch weapons faster. Take less damage from falling. Fire more accurately when sliding.

Does what it says on the tin. This may be a bit more specialist in terms of the role it carries out, but Gung-Ho is the top pick for the people that can’t stop running like they’re Jason Statham in Crank.

Firing on the move, firing whilst sliding, quick weapon switching, etc. Everything is about going a million miles an hour, if you’re a cautious sniper, maybe this isn’t the one for you.


ghost perk in bocw
No. More. Spy Planes!

Description: Undetectable by enemy Spy Planes whenever you are moving, planting or defusing bombs, or controlling scorestreaks.

This narrowly edges out Cold-Blooded because of the incessant frequency of Spy Planes. There’s nothing more jarring than merrily galloping around the map, only to hear that a Spy Plane is airborne.

Ghost puts to bed any fears of your position being discovered by the enemy and it’s very liberating.


ninja perk in bocw
Silence is golden.

Description: Sprint more quietly. Resistant to Field Medic when sprinting. Speak only when necessary.

Yes, we’ve cheated a bit by having three from Perk 3, but it has the best ones, plus you can always select more by using the Perk Greed wildcard. Ninja makes its usual appearance in CoD multiplayer as it’s immensely useful.

In the same way that Gung-Ho favors speed, Ninja also benefits from speed. Additionally, it’s a perfect companion for stealth too. Simply must-have.

For more news and guides on Treyarch’s CoD: Black Ops Cold War, check out our Call of Duty hub for all the latest information and help!

Call of Duty

Best Warzone loot rotations to get more wins

Published: 24/Nov/2020 14:17

by Jacob Hale


Warzone has undoubtedly been a monster hit for Activision and the Call of Duty franchise, but even now players are still struggling to find the best loot rotations to maximize their chances of winning.

While Black Ops Cold War might be fresh on the shelves, Warzone is still super popular. Just as many players are dropping into Verdansk as ever before, and major changes Cold War will bring to the game are highly anticipated.

So, if you’re trying to figure out the best places to pick up loot and put yourself in the most advantageous positions for the long game, you’ve come to the right place, as we take into consideration potential zone pulls, best places to offer mobility and more.


Warzone hospital
Hospital is great if you want solid mobility — just make sure to grab that heli!

What you’ll find is that, most of the time, the circle pulls towards one of the four corners of the map, so there are several places for you to consider with this in mind, based on where you expect the zone to go.

Dropping at Hospital places you in the middle of the lower half of the map, with a whole bunch of loot available. The buildings surrounding the main hospital will often be busy due to the sheer amounts of loot available. But you can often find a lot of mobility as well, including a helicopter, when dropping here, setting you up for the long haul.


Warzone stadium open
The Stadium opening up completely changed the game.

Stadium was absolutely hectic when it first opened, but now it’s a much easier place to land, and as always, offers a lot of loot. The best part about Stadium is the chance of finding a keycard to open up the loot bunkers, which will get you more than sufficiently set up for the rest of the game.

Again, due to how central it is on the map, Stadium is great if the circle pulls anywhere towards the east side of the map, but it can also be used to loot up and push into Downtown, which is always a hotspot for players dropping in to the battle royale game.


Warzone prison
Prison is crammed with loot, but could be a game-winning drop if you don’t mind a slower game.

A Prison drop will rarely be the most exciting, except for the opening few minutes which will likely be hectic. That said, the loot on offer is often ideal, and many games see the circle finish around Prison too.

If you think the zone looks to be finishing in Prison, you can work your way through all the floors to amass serious amounts of loot, and if it finishes away from Prison you can easily float into the likes of Farmland and Port, which equally have good loot on offer.


warzone quarry back building
Quarry is popular, but is usually a fairly safe drop, which could be perfect if you want some peace while you loot up.

Quarry is always a busy spot, filled with contracts and, most importantly, loot. Offering good rotation opportunities, it’s easy enough to stock up on everything you need in Quarry before moving out to the likes of Military Base or even as far as Dam, depending on how the zone moves.

Similarly, you can move out to TV Station for a more central position, which in itself is also filled with loot, to maximize your chances of staying ahead of circle rotations.

Train Station

Warzone train station
Train Station has loot in abundance, and could definitely set you up well at the start of the game.

Finally, Train Station is arguably the best place to drop from a pure loot perspective. There’s unprecedented amounts of loot crates, and it feels like it naturally stretches out towards Downtown, Promenade, Boneyard and Hospital, making it easy to rotate out of when the zone moves.

Needless to say, if you drop at Train Station (and make it out alive), you should be more than prepared to take any gunfight and buy whatever you need from the Buy Station.

They’re our top picks for the best loot rotations in Warzone, but ultimately a lot of it comes down to personal preference. That said, these spots will guarantee you some solid loot and a decent amount of cash to use, so it’s worth practicing these drops and rotations.