How to unlock all Black Ops Cold War Operators


A set of new operators will arrive with the release of Black Ops Cold War. To unlock them all, you’ll need to complete a set of challenges.

Operators allow Call of Duty players to use a unique character whilst playing online. These characters each have their own backstory, dialogue, and customization options. A lot of them are also rooted in the past Call of Duty game’s narratives and are recognizable faces from the franchise.

Of course, with the release of Black Ops Cold War, a new set of operators will be introduced to players. The title will provide another 15 operators at release that are split into the ‘NATO’ and ‘Warsaw Pact’ factions.

Each of the new operators will be unlocked by completing specific challenges, which you find below.

The new operators will be usable in Warzone as soon as Cold War releases.

How to unlock all Cold War operators

To make things simple, here’s a list of each operator, their faction, and the challenge required to unlock them.


  • Hunter: Unlocked by default
  • Song: Unlocked by default
  • Adler: Get 10 kills with Scorestreaks in Multiplayer
  • Park: Successfully exfiltrate the map in Zombies 3 times.
  • Sims: Destroy 10 enemy vehicles or Scorestreaks in Multiplayer
  • Baker: Get 100 eliminations with a Sniper Rife in Multiplayer
  • Woods: Get 5 kills without dying 15 times in Multiplayer.

Warsaw Pact

  • Vargas: Unlocked by default
  • Powers: Unlocked by default
  • Portnova: Kill 50 enemies revealed by Scorestreaks or Feild upgrades in Multiplayer
  • Beck: Get 200 eliminations using Pack-A-Punched weapons in Zombies
  • Garcia: Detonate or help your team detonate 5 Dirty Bombs in Fireteam Dirty Bomb
  • Stone: Perform 15 finishing moves in Multiplayer
Black Ops Cold War is set to release on November 13, 9 pm PDT.

Can you use the Operators in Warzone?

Yes – every single operator listed will be usable in Warzone as soon as Cold War releases.

That’s exactly how to unlock all of the operators releasing with Black Ops Cold War. Hopefully, it shouldn’t take you too long to complete all of the challenges.

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