Warzone integration for Modern Warfare & Black Ops Cold War confirmed

call of duty modern warfare black ops cold war warzoneActivision

Call of Duty’s developers have revealed precisely how Warzone will integrate content, including guns, equipment, and operators, from both 2019’s Modern Warfare and 2020’s Black Ops Cold War.

For months, CoD fans have been dying to know if everything they’ve grinded to unlock and spent hard-earned cash to purchase in Warzone will carry over once the next annual installment of the franchise releases on November 13.

Now, Activision has explained what had been rumored and teased by confirming that everything you’ve already unlocked is planned to continue on into the popular battle royale. In a historic first, they’ve also elaborated that players will be able to mix and match their weapons from Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare with their new unlocks in Treyarch’s Black Ops Cold War.

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warzone call of duty black ops cold war modern warfareActivision
When dropping into Warzone, players will soon be able to use content from both Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War.

What fans have been hoping for is finally confirmed by Activision’s latest blog. Warzone continues on into the Black Ops Cold War lifespan, with each title’s guns, equipment, and operators being integrated into the battle royale. Similarly, Battle Pass progression will accumulate across all three games.

Warzone Integration

As mentioned, Warzone is planned to integrate both Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War. That means players will have the capacity to utilize content, including weapons, equipment, and operators, from both games while playing Warzone.

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This also holds for Battle Pass and gun leveling, as players will be able to progress their weaponry and BP in Warzone. Although, they won’t be able to progress Modern Warfare weapons in Black Ops Cold War (and vice versa).

Player Progression

In a historic first for CoD, BOCW’s first season will come with the ability to sync up player progression across multiple titles in the FPS franchise. A Prestige Mode and Battle Pass progression system will hold true throughout each game, but with a specific focus on BOCW, where new challenges and the like will let players progress at a speedier pace. 

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warzone modern warfare black ops cold war gunsActivision
Players will be able to combine guns for their loadouts, including MW’s AK-47 and BOCW’s AK74u

Weapon Progression

Perhaps the most exciting and highly anticipated news, Activision confirmed that, at the very least, Season 1 will allow Warzone players to use weapons from both BOCW and MW. This means that the Gunsmith is hitting a new level of depth, as fans will be able to mix and match their weaponry (including blueprints and camo variants) from two fully-fledged CoD titles all within the battle royale.

Every weapon you’ve unlocked in Modern Warfare, as well as every weapon you’re going to unlock in Black Ops Cold War, is planned to continue to be available in Warzone.” MW fans should be encouraged to know that all of their hard work grinding out Obsidian and Damascus camos won’t be for naught, as their favorite guns should continue to be available even once BOCW is integrated.

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Eliciting some concern, though, is Activision explaining that this is “the current plan.” This suggests that things may change and some weaponry may become ineligible, but it’s at least comforting to know the plans are for everyone, no matter the game, to be able to enjoy Warzone with a variety of weaponry.

Of course, you will not be able to use your MW guns in BOCW nor your BOCW guns in MW. Warzone is the home for everything. As for unlocking new BOCW guns, as soon as you earn or unlock them in the upcoming title, they will instantly become available to your Warzone options.

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Further, the developers have expressed that, at the moment and for Season 1 at the very least, all unlocked weapons can be leveled in Warzone and all of MW’s miscellaneous items (perks, equipment, field upgrades, killstreaks) will remain available on Verdansk.

warzone black ops cold war modern warfare operatorsActivision
Operators from both MW and BOCW will be available for use in Warzone.

Operator Selection

Money gets spent on weapon blueprints, but perhaps even more money gets spent on operators. And Modern Warfare’s abundance of operators was no joke, as fans will swiftly recall a Halloween season filled to the brim with hilarious odes to popular horror films. Fortunately, all of those characters (alongside their skins, quips, and finishing moves) should remain available in Warzone once Black Ops Cold War hits the market.

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Like the Gunsmith, your Operator grid should expand heavily, as all of BOCW’s new character models will become available in Warzone as well once unlocked. There is one exception though: Marine Corps Master Sergeant Frank Woods will be playable across all three games, while the others are limited to Warzone and their original title.

warzone character at a buy stationInfinity Ward
Players will be able to level their Battle Pass unlocks for Warzone in both BOCW and MW.

Battle Pass Integration

As mentioned earlier, the Battle Pass progression will also tie in all three games. This means players will be able to continue unlocking content in each season, no matter which title they’re playing on.

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Although the Season 1 Battle Pass will only have content accessible through Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, players will be able to level up and view their BP by playing Modern Warfare. As time passes, fans can expect to hear more about integration and find out what is in store for the initial seasons. For now, it’s simply encouraging to know that some of those hours and dollars spent will not go to waste.