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Best MP5 loadout for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War alpha

Published: 18/Sep/2020 16:38

by James Busby


The Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War alpha is finally here and PlayStation fans can finally get early access to a number of the game’s weapons. The MP5 is one gun that you’ll definitely want to be using. Find out which attachments you should equip to make the strongest MP5 loadout. 

Modern Warfare demonstrated just how lethal the MP5 could be thanks to its incredible damage, high rate of fire, and ludicrous hipfire accuracy. While the MP5 continues to dominate both the casual and competitive CoD scene, Treyarch has made a number of changes to this ever-popular weapon. 


Whether the MP5 will be as influential in Black Ops Cold War remains to be seen, but the alpha has given us a good look at the gun’s current viability. Unlike its modern predecessor, this iteration of MP5 has a drastically higher rate of fire and increased TTK. Despite these changes, the MP5 will still likely prove a popular choice for those that favor hyper-aggressive play and close-quarter firefights. 

In order to help you get the most out of the MP5 in the Black Ops Cold War alpha, we’ve outlined Scump’s loadout below to help you dominate the competition.


Best MP5 loadout for Black Ops Cold War

MP5 Black Ops Cold War
Activision / Treyarch
The MP5 may not be as strong as it once was, but it still packs a punch in Black Ops Cold War.

Here’s the best attachments you can use on your MP5 in Cold War:

  • Sound Suppressor
  • 10.8” Paratrooper
  • Foregrip
  • Sprint Pad
  • Quickdraw Handle 

The current rotation of maps offer plenty of opportunities for players to flank behind enemy lines and secure some sneaky kills. This is particularly true in the 6v6 maps Miami and Satellite, where close quarter firefights are more likely to take place. As a result, you’ll want to kit your MP5 out with attachments that both increase your mobility and reduce your ADS time. 

First up is the Sound Suppressor. As the name suggests, this noise-reducing attachment keeps your shots concealed and your movements hidden. This handy muzzle is a must for those of you who wish to go unnoticed when creeping up on your targets. 


Meanwhile, the 10.8” Paratrooper greatly increases both the MP5’s bullet velocity and effective damage range. It does come at a -20% cost to your ADS speed, but the trade-off here is absolutely huge, especially when you consider how poor the base MP5 performs at a distance. While you’ll still get outgunned by assault rifles in mid to long-range engagements, this attachment does give you a fighting chance. 

Scump Black Ops Cold War Twitch screenshot
Scump absolutely dominated with the MP5 during the Black Ops Cold War multiplayer reveal.

Unlike vertical recoil, guns with a horizontal kick can be a little tricky to control. Landing shots in close-quarter skirmishes may be easy with the MP5, but trying to land your bullets at range can prove difficult. Fortunately, the Foregrip attachment reduces horizontal recoil by 10%. 

Those of you who have played Modern Warfare will know just how important sprint to fire is, especially when you’re playing on smaller maps where quick reactions are needed. The minimalistic design of the Sprint Pad stock gives the MP5 an 18% increase to its sprint out speed, allowing for a faster sprint to fire transition. 


Lastly, the Quickdraw Handle provides a 9% buff to the MP5’s aim down sight speed. This deadly SMG already has a fairly quick ADS speed, but this attachment makes target acquisition even faster. Being able to instantly snap onto targets and beam them within a few frames is massive, so consider equipping this attachment to achieve some blisteringly fast kills. 

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LIVE: Call of Duty League off-season rostermania hub: all roster changes

Published: 14/Oct/2020 22:35 Updated: 14/Oct/2020 22:50

by Jacob Hale


With the inaugural season of the Call of Duty League out of the way, and some major changes coming for the league’s second season in 2021, we take a look at all the roster moves that are occurring across the league.

It’s no secret that there was a pretty big disparity between the best and worst teams in the CDL’s opening season. Teams like Dallas Empire and Atlanta FaZe were constantly seeing success, while others, such as Seattle Surge and Los Angeles Guerrillas, will need to make big changes going forward.


Significantly, CDL is moving back to the 4v4 format, guaranteeing at least one change from each team at a minimum. This means a huge roster shuffle involving every team is inbound. Here’s everything you need to know about the CDL 2020 offseason and free agency window, as well as every major team change that occurs during Rostermania.


Confirmed roster changes

Dallas Empire Clayster and Illey
Call of Duty League
Rostermania claimed it’s first major victim after Clayster left the Dallas Empire squad — mere days after their world championship win.

Barely 48 hours after the conclusion of the CDL 2020 season, players started sharing their new status as free agents. Here’s everything that’s been officially announced so far.


F/A = Free Agent. F/A (r) = Restricted Free Agent

October 13

October 9

  • Hydra: F/A → New York Subliners

October 2

September 23

September 18

September 15

September 14

September 9

  • Frosty: Florida Mutineers → F/A
  • Maux: Florida Mutineers → F/A

September 8

  • Accuracy: New York Subliners → F/A
  • Censor: New York Subliners → F/A
  • Happy: New York Subliners → F/A
  • Tommey Dallas Empire → F/A
  • Dashy: LA OpTic → F/A
  • Goonjar: LA OpTic → F/A
  • Chino: LA OpTic → F/A
  • Hollow: LA OpTic → F/A
  • Arcitys: Chicago Huntsmen → F/A
  • Prestinni: Chicago Huntsmen → F/A
  • Skrapz: London Royal Ravens → F/A
  • Zer0: London Royal Ravens → F/A
  • Dylan: London Royal Ravens → F/A
  • Rated: London Royal Ravens → F/A
  • wuskin: London Royal Ravens → F/A
  • Nastie: London Royal Ravens → F/A
  • MadCat: London Royal Ravens → F/A
  • Denz: Paris Legion → F/A
  • Louqa: Paris Legion → F/A
  • Shockz: Paris Legion → F/A
  • Zed: Paris Legion → F/A
  • Breszy: Paris Legion → F/A
  • Phantoms: Paris Legion → F/A
  • 2Pac_ThuGLorD: Chicago Huntsmen (Analyst) → F/A

September 7

  • Alexx: Minnesota ROKKR → F/A
  • Asim: Minnesota ROKKR → F/A
  • Exceed: Minnesota ROKKR → F/A
  • Assault: Minnesota ROKKR → F/A
  • SiLLY: Minnesota ROKKR → F/A
  • GodRx: Minnesota ROKKR → F/A
  • TTinyy: Minnesota ROKKR → F/A
  • KiSMET: Paris Legion → F/A

September 6

  • Blazt: Los Angeles Guerrillas → F/A
  • Decemate: Los Angeles Guerrillas → F/A
  • Spart: Los Angeles Guerrillas → F/A
  • Aqua: Los Angeles Guerrillas → F/A
  • Saints: Los Angeles Guerrillas → F/A
  • Gunless: Chicago Huntsmen → F/A

September 4

  • Brack: Toronto Ultra → F/A
  • Classic: Toronto Ultra → F/A
  • Loony: Toronto Ultra → F/A (r)
  • Lucky: Toronto Ultra → F/A (r)
  • Mayhem: Toronto Ultra → F/A (r)
  • MettalZ: Toronto Ultra → F/A
  • Wuskin: London Royal Ravens → F/A (r)
  • Temp: New York Subliners → F/A (r)
  • Apathy: Seattle Surge → F/A
  • Pandur: Seattle Surge → F/A (r)
  • Proto: Seattle Surge → F/A (r)
  • Enable: Seattle Surge → F/A
  • Slacked: Seattle Surge → F/A
  • TeddyRecKs: Seattle Surge → F/A (r)
  • Joshh (coach): Paris Legion → F/A

September 2

September 1

  • Clayster: Dallas Empire → F/A (r)
  • Jurd: London Royal Ravens → F/A

CDL 2021 team rosters

Going into the CDL 2021 season, this is how each team’s starting roster currently looks. It’s worth noting that some teams still have five players on their starting roster, but these numbers will reduce with the change to 4v4.

Players in bold are confirmed to be part of that team’s 2021 roster

Team Starters
Substitute(s) Coach(es)
Dallas Empire Crimsix Shotzzy Huke iLLeY Rambo
Atlanta FaZe Simp aBeZy Cellium Arcitys Crowder, RJ, Easy Mac
Chicago Huntsmen Scump FormaL Envoy Dashy General Sender
Florida Mutineers Skyz Fero Havok Owakening
New York Subliners ZooMaa Mack Clayster Hydra Revan
London Royal Ravens Seany
Toronto Ultra Bance Methodz Cammy CleanX MarkyB
Minnesota RØKKR Priestahh Attach Accuracy MajorManiak Saintt
OpTic Gaming Los Angeles Slasher Kenny Drazah TJHaly
Paris Legion
Seattle Surge Octane Gunless Loony Prestinni Nubzy
Los Angeles Guerrillas Vivid Assault SiLLY Apathy MentaL, Chino Bevils, Ricky, Doug Liebe

Changes by team

Here are all the CDL changes so far, broken down by each team’s offseason transactions:

Atlanta FaZe

  • Arrived: Arcitys
  • Departed: Priestahh, MajorManiak

Chicago Huntsmen

  • Arrived: Dashy
  • Departed: Arcitys, Prestinni, Gunless

Dallas Empire

  • Arrived: N/A
  • Departed: Clayster, Tommey

Florida Mutineers

  • Arrived: N/A
  • Departed: Maux, Frosty

London Royal Ravens

  • Arrived: N/A
  • Departed: Skrapz, Wuskin, Dylan, Zer0, Rated, Nastiee, MadCat

Los Angeles Guerrillas

  • Arrived: Apathy, SiLLY, Assault, MentaL, Chino
  • Departed: ACHES, Saints, Lacefield, Blazt, Decemate, Spart, AquA

Minnesota ROKKR

  • Arrived: Attach, MajorManiak, Accuracy, Priestahh
  • Departed: Asim, Exceed, TTinyy, Alexx, Assault, GodRx, SiLLY

New York Subliners

  • Arrived: Clayster, HyDra
  • Departed: Attach, Accuracy

OpTic Gaming Los Angeles

  • Arrived: N/A
  • Departed: Dashy, Hollow, Chino, Goonjar, JKap

Paris Legion

  • Arrived: N/A
  • Departed: Breszy, Denz, Louqa, Phantomz, Shockz, Zed, KiSMET

Seattle Surge

  • Arrived: Gunless, Prestinni, Loony
  • Departed: Apathy, Enable, Slacked, Proto, Pandur, Karma

Toronto Ultra

  • Arrived: N/A
  • Departed: Brack, Classic, Loony, Lucky, Mayhem, MettalZ

New 4v4 format

Evil Geniuses win CoD Champs: Aches, Apathy, Silly, Assault
Eric Ananmalay / ESPAT Media
The last time Call of Duty was played 4v4 was during the 2018 season, prior to franchising.

For the first time in two years, Call of Duty esports will be returning to a 4v4 format, essentially meaning that one player from each team has already been or will be dropped.

This could mean a major shake-up of some of our favorite rosters, with underperforming players having to start shopping around for options to stay in the Call of Duty League.


While many fans and players have preferred 4v4 in the past, the loss of roster spots has made some players start to worry about their own prospects going forward, and this does mean we’re guaranteed to see some big names swapping jerseys by the time the Black Ops Cold War season kicks off.

Free Agency and transfer window

Priestahh Atlanta FaZe
Call of Duty League
Every player in the CDL will be looking to re-negotiate their contract with their current team, or move on elsewhere.

The CDL’s free agency window officially opened on September 13, which is when teams began to signing players to new contracts and even make announcements on who they’re acquiring for the forthcoming season.


According to the CDL’s official roster construction rules, at 11.59 PM PT on September 13, any player whose contract hasn’t been extended with their current team officially becomes a free agent, but teams can officially file for contract extensions by September 6 at 11.59 PM PT.

As the rules state, no agreement can be made between a player and a team they did not represent in CDL 2020 prior to 12:00 AM PT on September 14, though discussions may obviously take place in the lead-up to that date.

Be sure to check back on this page throughout the off-season to keep up to date with every roster change that occurs ahead of the 2021 CDL season.