Best scorestreaks to use in Black Ops Cold War multiplayer

Alex Garton

Black Ops Cold War provides players with a range of scorestreaks to utilize in multiplayer, but it can be difficult to choose which ones will aid you the most within your games. Well, here’s what we think are the best scorestreaks to run in Cold War multiplayer to rack up your kills.

Black Ops Cold War has made some significant changes to scorestreaks, making them a lot easier to earn throughout a game. A player’s scorestreak will no longer reset on death and instead will be accrued over the course of the match. This means objective-based players can now earn high-level scorestreaks without having to rack up multiple kills in a row.

Here’s what we think are the best scorestreaks to run in Cold War multiplayer.

Best scorestreaks in Black Ops Cold War

Spy Plane

The Spy Plane was always going to make an appearance on the list of best scorestreaks in Cold War. It’s a classic that’s been a part of nearly every online Call of Duty game.

In Cold War, the Spy Plane will require 1000 points and gives your team a massive advantage for a short period of time. It’s worth noting that the Spy Plane has a 90-second cooldown so it can’t be utilized over and over again. Of course, it’s nowhere near as exciting as the Cruise Missile or Chopper Gunner, but it’s a scorestreak you can’t afford not to pickup

Activision / Treyarch
The Spy Plane is a great scorestreak as it helps you as well well as your team.

Cruise Missile

The Cruise Missile allows the players to control three synchronized missiles that can be directed at players or an area of the map. This scorestreak will require 2600 points, making it a big step up from the Spy Plane. However, it’s definitely worth running to clear locations and pick up some guaranteed kills. Don’t forget that the best time to use the Cruise Missile is often at the start of a round when players are running together to take an objective.

War Machine

Now we’re getting to the really exciting scorestreaks. The War Machine is a grenade launcher capable of killing players with a single hit. Of course, all this power does come with a hefty requirement of 3500 points, but the scorestreak is definitely worth running if you’re looking to control locations and areas in modes such as domination.

It’s worth noting that kills from the War Machine, unlike other scorestreaks, will count toward your killstreak. This is definitely a scorestreak for players who like to keep their feet on the ground and take on enemies head on — and it’s incredibly powerful to boot.

Chopper Gunner

Another classic scorestreak, if you’ve played any of the classic Call of Duty titles you know how destructive a Chopper Gunner can be. In Cold War, it’s no different and is definitely worth running if you enjoy causing chaos from above. It’s worth keeping in mind the Chopper Gunner requires a massive 6000 score to earn, so don’t expect to be earning one every game.

Activision / Treyarch
The Chopper Gunner is a scorestreak that can take you to the top of the leaderboard in an instant.

VTOL Escort

The VTOL Escort is the second-highest scorestreak in the game, requiring 8500 points to earn in-game. It allows the player to take control of a VTOL jet and rain missiles down on enemies across the map.

For this scorestreak, you’re going to need to have a seriously good game. It’s a goal that you can aim to reach and it’ll feel all the more satisfying when you finally get to pilot the VTOL jet.

That’s our rundown of the best scorestreaks in Black Ops Cold War. Don’t forget to cater your scorestreaks to your own skill level, it may not be a wise decision to run all the high-level scorestreaks when you’re just getting started.