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Best perks to buy in Black Ops Cold War Zombies

Published: 18/Nov/2020 16:48

by Andrew Highton


Die Maschine is the latest Zombies journey. Its usual hustle and bustle of human-hungry undead are complemented by an array of perks, weapons, and secrets. To help you survive, here are the best perks you should buy in Die Maschine in Black Ops Cold War.

There’s something endlessly satisfying about equipping an alien ray gun and piercing the stinking, rotting flesh of the undead. What started out as a cool mini-game back in Call of Duty: World at War, has now become a staple of the franchise.

Black Ops Cold War delivers the latest bout of zombie-zapping delight and captivates with a whole new story. But as with every Zombies mode previously, you’re going to need to know how to cope with the later rounds.


So here are all the best perks for you to obtain in CoD: Black Ops Cold War.

The Perks

die machine map in bocw zombies
You’ll need all of these perks to confidently cover all parts of the map.

If you’re unsure, perks are basically special modifiers that can either improve your stats or provide you with special boosts. BOCW’s Die Maschine has six different perks that you can buy during a game of Zombies.

Now, even though there are only six of these useful consumables, you are actually allowed to hold all of them at one time. So if you’re flying through the game and being stingy with doors, then you can guzzle all six and become a beast.


  • Deadshot Daquiri: Improved ADS and increases headshot damage on enemies
  • Elemental Pop: Applies a random modification to all your ammo
  • Juggernog: Increase your maximum health
  • Stamin-Up: Quickens your movement speed and allows you to sprint faster
  • Speed Cola: Decreases reload speed on your weapons
  • Quick Revive: Allows you to regain your health faster and decreases revive time

Which are best?

The reason for fewer perks is because Zombies has been overhauled. Crafting and upgrading is now a big part of the game’s strategy. Meaning you can now upgrade perks to make them even stronger.

We’re going to proceed with the notion that you’re a generous soul and you’ll have three perks for the majority part of the game. These are the best perks you absolutely need to have in Cold War Zombies and we’ll explain why.


jugger-nog in bocw zombies
You. Need. More. Health.

Details: Increase maximum health by 50

1st Tier: Reduce status effect durations by 50%

2nd Tier: Armor plates replenish 25% additional armor


3rd Tier: Increase maximum health by 100

The extreme importance of Juggernog simply cannot be understated. You need it at all costs. Once you start getting to the later stages it’s a completely vital perk to have as even the weakest zombies are now much stronger, and it’s so easy to be caught out in the earlier rounds if you’re boxed in by a large group of weaker ones.

Its upgrades only cement Juggernog’s status. Getting Juggernog to Tier 3 is possibly your number one goal to truly succeed at zombies. If you have four players who all have that, then you can expect a longer and more fruitful game. Plus, you won’t need to revive so much which negates the need for Quick Revive.


Speed Cola

speed cola perk in bocw zombies
Reload or die cold.

Details: Increase reload speed by 15%

1st Tier: Swap weapons faster

2nd Tier: Field Upgrades recharge 20% faster

3rd Tier: Increase reload speed by 30%

There is absolutely nothing worse than emptying the final bullet or beam, into some zombies, you switch to your other weapon…and it’s also empty because you forgot to reload. Or you might just have one strong primary weapon that you’ve relied on, but it’s dry, and 400 zombies are surrounding you.

Speed Cola, again, is a must-have for when you start entering rounds 20 and above. Each level is a vicious torrent of screaming, snarling annoyances that are jealous of your fresh skin. But as long as you have Speed Cola, then you can keep unloading your favorite pack-a-punch weapon into hordes and smile as you reload quicker than a hiccup.



stamin-up in bocw zombies
Run, run, as fast as you can!

Details: Increase run and sprint speed

1st Tier: Increase backpedal speed

2nd Tier: Immunity to fall damage

3rd Tier: Walk faster while aiming down sights

Following up on our previous advice. if you’ve still taken substantial damage and you’re hemmed to the point where that extra second to reload will end you, then why not run away? The beauty of these meticulously designed zombies maps is that they are accessible. Shortcuts and paths give you endless ways of navigating the battlefield.

BOCW’s Die Maschine map is no different and even has portals that can whisk you away if need-be. But the ability to run like the wind is a critical aspect of survival. Not only that, but quick backpedal and ADS speed further underlines the need for pep in your step.

We’re not saying the other three perks are not essential, but if funds are tight, you die and lose all your gear etc, then these are the priority. Get them upgraded ASAP, and you’ll survive longer, level up quicker, and have a chance to see what wonders and evil secrets Die Maschine has tucked away.

We can confidently proclaim these to be the best perks in Black Ops Cold War’s Zombies mode.

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