Every Genshin Impact character’s age & height

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An image of Genshin Impact characters.HoYoverse

Genshin Impact has a lot of great characters, and you may be wondering how old and what height all of them are, so we’ve got a full rundown right here.

HoYoverse’s Genshin Impact has quickly become one of the most beloved gacha games on the market largely thanks to its expansive roster of unique fighters, as well as its constantly expanding open world map and regular content updates.

Each character in Genshin Impact has a unique personality with special abilities that they bring to the game. Some are banner-exclusive units but others can be obtained for free. You may be interested to know more about your favorite characters than just their skills on the battlefield however, and if you’re curious about how old and how tall certain fighters are, we’ve got all the information you need right here.

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So, here’s every Genshin Impact character’s age and height.

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Every Genshin Impact character’s age and height

An image of Genshin Impact characters.HoYoverse
Every Genshin Impact character has a unique age and height.

There are a lot of Genshin Impact characters now and the roster is always expanding with each major update the game receives. However, ages and heights aren’t always made clear, so the information below is mostly estimated based on existing lore and official character descriptions. Nevertheless, here’s every playable character’s height and age in the game.

Genshin Impact characterAgeHeight
Albedo18 – 225,4″
Althaheim25 – 275,11″
Arataki Itto246,4″
Ayaka19 – 225,1″
Barbara16 -185,2″
Beidou21 – 275,6″
Bennett16 – 175,4″
Chongyun18 – 205,4″
Collei15 – 165,4″
Cyno18 – 205,3″
Dehya18 – 205,6″
Dori10 – 124,5″
Eula20 – 225,8″
Faruzan18 – 215,2″
Gorou18 – 225,3″
Hu Tao195,1″
Jean20 – 225,6″
Kevah19 – 215,1″
Kazuha18 – 225,2″
Keqing18 – 245,1″
Kirara18 – 235,2″
Kokomi19 – 235,2″
Klee5 – 84,2″
Kuki Shinobu20 – 225,3″
Layla18 – 215,2″
Lyney & LynetteUnknownUnknown
Nilou5 – 85,3″
Raiden Shogun25 – 285,5″
Sara23 – 255,8″
Sayu16 – 184,6″
Scaramouche (Wanderer)500+5,4″
Shenhe25 – 305,5″
Shikanoin Heizou20 – 245,4″
Sucrose19 -215,2″
Tartaglia (Childe)19 -216,1″
Thoma24 – 266,0″
Tighnari20 – 255,3″
Traveler18 – 21 / 500+5,1″ – 5,4″
Venti18 – 215,5″
Xingqiu18 – 205,4″
Xinyan16 – 185,2″
Yanfei19 – 235,2″
Yae Miko500+5,5″
Yelan22 – 285,5″
Yoimiya20 – 235,4″
Yun Jin18 – 205,1″

There you have it, there’s every playable Genshin Impact character’s age and height. For more content on the game, check out our guides below:

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