Best Heizou Genshin Impact build: Artifacts, weapons, more

Official Heizou Genshin Impact artworkHoYoverse

Utilizing the best Heizou build in Genshin Impact can give you a huge advantage over your foes across Teyvat. Here’s the best Heizou Artifacts, weapons, and Ascension Materials you’ll need to farm. 

The four-star Heizou made his debut in Genshin Impact in the Version 2.8 update which launched on July 13, 2022. The Detective of the Tenryou Commission is known for his free-spirited and unruly nature, which helps him solve many of the game’s most mysterious cases. When it comes to dealing with the culprit, Heizou uses his Catalyst to imbue his deadly kicks with Anemo energy. 

This enables the Analytical Harmony to launch his enemies into the air and deliver a flurry of deadly wind-based attacks. Whether you’re aiming to save your Primogems for the current banner featuring Heizou or just want to get the most out of the detective, then our best build guide has you covered.

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Heizou abilities in Genshin Impact

Heizou official reveal pictureHoYoverse
Heizou’s abilities revolve around devastating Anemo kicks.

Heizou Normal Attack: Fudou Style Martial Arts

  • Normal Attack: Performs up to five fisticuffs empowered by a mighty wind, dealing Anemo DMG.
  • Charged Attack: Consumes a certain amount of Stamina and performs a sweeping kick that deals Anemo DMG.
  • Plunging Attack: Calling upon the surging wind, Heizou plunges towards the ground from mid-air, damaging all opponents in his path. Deals AoE Anemo DMG upon impact with the ground.

Heizou Elemental Skill — Heartstopper Strike

Tap: Heizou Wields the swift winds to launch a Heartstopper Strike that deals Anemo DMG.

Hold: Charges energy to unleash an even stronger blow. He will obtain the Declension effect while charging, which will increase the power of the Heartstopper Strike. When the skill button is released or the skill finishes charging, he will strike forward, dealing Anemo DMG.

Declension: Increases the power of the next Heartstopper Strike. Max 4 stacks. When Heizou possesses four Declension stacks, the Conviction effect will be produced, which will cause the next Hearstopper Strike to be even stronger and have a larger AoE.

Elemental Burst — Windmuster Attack

Heizou Leaps into the air and uses the Fudou Style Vacuum Slugger to explosively kick his opponent, dealing AoE Anemo DMG. When Vacuum Slugger hits opponents affected by Hydro/Pyro/Cryo/Electro, these opponents will be afflicted with Windmuster Iris, which will explode after a moment and deal AoE DMG of the corresponding aforementioned elemental type.

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Vacuum Slugger can afflict a maximum of four opponents with the Windmuster Iris. A single opponent cannot be under the effect of Windmuster Irises of different elements at the same time.

Heizou Constellations

Heizou has a good range of Constellations available to unlock. Here’s what each Constellation level has to offer:

  • Level 1 — Named Jouvenille Casebook: For five seconds after Shikanoin Heizou takes the field, his Normal Attack SPD is increased by 15%. He also gains 1 Declension stack for Heartstopper Strike. This effect can be triggered once every 10s.
  • Level 2 — Investigative Collection: When the Fudou Style Vacuum Slugger created by Windmuster Kick explodes, it will pull nearby opponents in.
  • Level 3 — Esoteric Puzzle Book: Increases the Level of Heartstopper Strike by three. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
  • Level 4 — Tome of Lies: The first Windmuster Iris explosion in each Windmuster Kick will regenerate 9 Elemental Energy for Shikanoin Heizou. Every subsequent explosion in that Windmuster Kick will each regenerate an additional 1.5 Energy for Heizou. One Windmuster Kick can regenerate a total of 13.5 Energy for Heizou in this manner.
  • Level 5 — Secret Archive: Increases the Level of Windmuster Kick by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
  • Level 6 — Curious Case Files: Each Declension stack will increase the CRIT Rate of the Heartstopper Strike unleashed by 4%. When Heizou possesses Conviction, this Heartstoppper Strike’s CRIT DMG is increased by 32%.

Best Heizou Artifacts in Genshin Impact

An image of Heizou from Genshin Impact, a new four-star character from version 2.8.HoYoverse
Artifacts can greatly increase Hiezou’s Anemo damage.

The best Heizou build greatly enhances the Anemo user’s damage and enables him to support his team. As a result, Viridescent Venerer will likely be a top pick. This Artifact set increases Anemo DMG Bonus by 15%, as well as boosting Swirl DMG by 60%.

If that wasn’t enough, the set also decreases his opponent’s Elemental RES to the element infused in the Swirl by 40% for 10s. This enables Heizou to amplify his own damage output, while also buffing those around him.

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However, there are plenty of other options as well. There’s always the choice of running the standard Noblesse Oblige set for 20% Elemental Burst damage and 20% team attack buff. This set is a great choice for those who don’t wish to grind a Viridescent Venerer set.

Lastly, the Instructor is another good choice for those that wish to trigger Elemental Reactions, as when using Heizou in a party, all members’ Elemental Mastery with be increased by 120 for 8 seconds.

Artifact Set Bonuses
Viridescent Venerer artifact set in Genshin ImpactViridescent Venerer 2-Piece: Anemo DMG Bonus +15%

4-Piece: Increases Swirl DMG by 60%. Decreases opponent’s Elemental RES to the element infused in the Swirl by 40% for 10s.

Noblesse Oblige 2-Piece: Elemental Burst DMG +20%.

4-Piece: Using an Elemental Burst increases all party members’ ATK by 20% for 12s. This effect cannot stack.

Instructor artifact set in Genshin ImpactInstructor 2-Piece: Increases Elemental Mastery by 80.

4-Piece: Upon triggering an Elemental Reaction, increases all party members’ Elemental Mastery by 120 for 8s.

Best Heizou weapon in Genshin Impact

Heizou is a Catalyst user who excels at blasting his enemies with Anemo kicks, which means you’ll want a weapon that can maximize his attack damage and boost those around him.

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As a result, his best option is SkyWard Atlas. This Catalyst increases Elemental DMG Bonus by 12%, while Normal Attack hits have a 50% chance to earn the favor of the clouds, which actively seek out nearby opponents to attack for 15s, dealing 160% ATK DMG.

However, this 5-star weapon can be particularly tricky to obtain, especially for F2P and low-spend Travelers. For a four-star budget option, The Widsith is a great support-based weapon that can boost your team comp’s ATK, Elemental DMG, and Elemental Mastery.

If you don’t have access to The Widsith, then Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers is a decent three-star Catalyst that increases a character’s ATK by 24% for 10s whenever a new character is switched onto the battlefield.

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Find a list of Heizou’s best weapons in Genshin Impact below:

Weapon Details
Skyward AtlasSkyWard Atlas Increases Elemental DMG Bonus by 12%. Normal Attack hits have a 50% chance to earn the favor of the clouds. which actively seek out nearby opponents to attack for 15s, dealing 160% ATK DMG. Can only occur once every 30s.
The Widsith catalyst weapon in genshin impactThe Widsith When a character takes the field, they will gain a random theme song for 10s. This can only occur once every 30s.
Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers Artifact set Genshin ImpactThrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers When switching characters, the new character taking the field has their ATK increased by 24% for 10s. This effect can only occur once every 20s.

Heizou Talent Level-Up and Ascension materials

Heizou Talent and Ascension materials can be found across Inazuma, which means you’ll need to progress through the story if you wish to fully level him.

In order to level up and Ascend him, you’ll need to defeat the Ruin Serpent – the deadly boss fight that was added in The Chasm update. This boss drops the Runic Fang material and other rare items.

Travelers will also need to farm plenty of Onikabuto beetles (Narukami Island) and Treasure Hoarder Insignias (obtained by defeating Treasure Hoarders).

As Heizou excels as an Anemo support, you’ll want to max out his Elemental Skill and Burst, to help create Swirl reactions and maximize your team’s DPS. Once that’s maxed out, simply pump the rest of the levels into his Normal Attack.

Heizou Talent Level-Up materials

Talent Level-Up Materials
Talent Level-Up Materials Teachings of Transience x9 Guide to Transience x63 Philosophies of Transience x114
Common Ascension Materials Treasure Horder Insignia x18 Silver Raven Insignia x66 Golden Raven Insignia x93
Weekly Boss Materials The Meaning of Aeons x18

Heizou Ascension materials

Ascension Level Mora Cost Materials 
1 20,000 Vayuda Turquoise Sliver x1 Onikabuto x3 Treasure Horder Insignia x3
2 40,000 Vayuda Turquoise Fragment x3 Runic Fang x2 Onikabuto x10 Treasure Horder Insignia x15
3 60,000 Vayuda Turquoise Fragment x6 Runic Fang x4 Onikabuto x20 Silver Raven Insignia x12
4 80,000 Vayuda Turquoise Chunk x3 Runic Fang x8 Onikabuto x30 Silver Raven Insignia x18
5 100,000 Vayuda Turquoise Chunk x6 Runic Fang x12 Onikabuto x45 Golden Raven Insignia x12
6 120,000 Vayuda Turquoise Gemstone x6 Runic Fang x20 Onikabuto x60 Golden Raven Insignia x24

Best Heizou team comp

Hu Tao wielding a Polearm HoYoverse
Hu Tao synergizes well with Heizou.

As Heizou is an Anemo Catalyst user, he can fit into a variety of different team comps. His ability to amplify his team’s attacks with the use of Swirl is incredibly potent, especially when used with characters like Hu Tao and Xiangling.

Not only do these two characters benefit from Heizou’s ability to group targets together, but they can also deliver the killing blow to even the tankiest enemies when Swirl is active. Having two Pyro units also Increases ATK by 25%, giving you even more DPS.

We recommend rounding out the comp with Zhongli. This helps adds a layer of survivability to the team, protecting Hu Tao and Xiangling with shields and even petrifying enemies with his Elemental Burst.

So, there you have it, the best Heizou build in Genshin Impact. Make sure you check out our Genshin Impact page and other character guides below for all the latest news and meta builds:

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