Where to get Radish in Genshin Impact: All Radish locations, crafting recipes & how to farm

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Looking to bag yourself some more Radish in Genshin Impact? Well, here’s exactly how you can do it, from their location, how to grow them, and all their recipes.

The humble Radish is a common cooking ingredient in Genshin Impact, which means Travelers can use it in a variety of tasty recipes. From the extravagant Sashimi Platter to the simple Radish Veggie Soup, this hearty vegetable can stave off your hunger and provide good healing properties. 

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If you’re wondering where you can get Radish in Genshin Impact or just wish to plant them in the game’s Serenitea Pot, then you’ll need to locate this robust root vegetable. Fortunately, you won’t need to trek far and wide, as our handy guide outlines where you can get every Radish in Genshin Impact. 


Where to find Radish in Genshin Impact

Radishes can be found in the following regions throughout Teyvat:

  • Mondstadt 
  • Inazuma

Radishes also grow close to other root vegetables, so you’ll often find this cooking ingredient near Carrot patches, which makes them very easy to spot.

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All Monstadt Radish locations

Teyvat Interactive Map Radish locationsHoYoverse

All Inazuma Radish locations

Teyvat Interactive Map Radish Inazuma locationHoYoverse

Where to buy Radish in Genshin Impact

Chef Mao in Genshin ImpactHoYoverse
Radishes can be purchased from two NPCs in Genshin Impact.

Radishes can be purchased from Chef Mao and Shimura Kanbei, two NPCs that sell the plant. Travelers can buy Radishes for 350 Mora each, with up to 10 being purchasable every three days

While this may not be the best way to get Radishes, it can save you some time trekking through the overworld – provided you have the Mora to spare. 

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Radish uses in Genshin Impact

There are a total of six cooking recipes that can be made using Radishes, with some requiring more ingredients than others. Every item that uses Radish can be found below:

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Haggis4 x Raw Meat, 3 x Potato, 3 x Radish, 2 x Marcotte
Radish Veggie SoupRadish ×1, Mint ×
 Five Pickled TreasuresRadish ×2, Carrot ×2, Lavender Melon ×2, Seagrass ×2
 Fried Radish Balls Flour ×3, Radish ×2, Pepper ×1
 Radish and Fish Stew Fish ×2, Radish ×2, Salt ×1
 Sashimi PlatterFish ×4, Shrimp Meat ×4, Crab ×4, Radish ×2

How to grow Radish in Genshin Impact

Ganyu talking to Tubby in the Serenitea PotHoYoverse
Growing Radishes in the Serenitea Pot is incredibly easy.

Travelers can grow Radish in the Serenitea Pot. Simply plant Radish Seed on a Jade Field, then wait two days and 22 hours to harvest your crop. While this may be a fairly long process, it can be a great way to farm Radish while you’re not playing. 

Where to get Radish Seeds in Genshin Impact

Radish Seeds can be obtained by harvesting Radish with the Seed Dispensary – a farming gadget that can be obtained from Madame Ping after completing “The Art Of Horticulture” World Quest. Radish Seeds can also be purchased from Tubby in the Serenitea Pot for five Realm Currency. 

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