Fastest mounts in Palworld ranked: Ground, Swimming, Flying & Gliding

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A screenshot from the game Palworld

Palpagos Island is quite vast and exploring it by foot can take some time, so the best way to traverse these Palworld landscapes is by using Pal mounts. Here are the fastest ones for land, sea, and air.

With its roster of over 100 Pals, Palworld gives players plenty of reasons to fill out their Paldeck, whether it’s tracking down the best Pals for mining or kindling, or searching for the ultimate fighter to add to your team.

Of course, if you’re on the hunt for Pals, resources, or Eggs in the game you’ll want to be able to get around quickly. Here’s a guide on the fastest mounts in Palworld for ground travel, swimming, and flying.


A screenshot featuring Chillet as a mount in Palworld.
Chillet is an early Pal you can mount.

Fastest ground mounts in Palworld

The fastest land-based mount in Palworld is the legendary Necromus. Luckily we have a handy guide on where to find and capture Necromus in Palworld.

All ground mounts and their speeds can be seen below:

Necromus9001600Lv. 50
Pyrin/Pyrin Noct8501300Lv. 30 / Lv. 33
Paladius8001400Lv. 50
Rayhound7001150Lv. 26
Univolt7201100Lv. 14
Direhowl8801050Lv. 9
Fenglope7501050Lv. 26
Blazehowl/Blazehowl Noct750900Lv. 32 / Lv. 35
Kitsun700900Lv. 30
Blazamut700900Lv. 38
Eikthyrdeer/Eikthyrdeer Terra700900Lv. 12 / Lv. 25
Relaxaurus / Relaxaurus Lux650800Lv. 44 / Lv. 46
Maraith600800Lv. 23
Arsox600800Lv. 16
Chillet600800Lv. 13
Grintale600800Lv. 13
Melpaca460800Lv. 7
Reindrix550700Lv. 29
Dinossom/Dinossom Lux550700Lv. 19 / Lv. 29
Jormuntide Ignis525700Lv. 43
Mossanda/Mossanda Lux500700Lv. 24 / Lv. 25
Kingpaca/Kingpaca Cryst500700Lv. 22 / Lv. 42
Rushoar450700Lv. 6
Surfent Terra500650Lv. 24
Mammorest/Mammorest Cryst430600Lv. 28 / Lv. 45
Grizzbolt470550Lv. 40
Reptyro/Reptyro Cryst390550Lv. 31 / Lv. 37
Wumpo/Wumpo Botan365550Lv. 44 / Lv. 45
Broncherry/Broncherry Aqua350500Lv. 20 / Lv. 27
Sweepa300500Lv. 14

Necromus is not only the fastest ground mount in Palworld but it also allows the player to triple jump making traversal a sinch. This Pal is, however, gated behind an endgame Boss fight that requires you to take on two Legendary Pals at once.

You’ll need the best gear and combat team you can muster to capture it, and you’ll also have to reach Technology Level 49 before you can mount it.

Necromus Palworld
Necromus is the fastest ground mount in Palworld.

For players still waiting to gallop around before they’re ready to take on Necromus and Paladius, Direhowl is the swiftest land-based mount you’ll have access to in the earlier portion of Palworld and you can craft its saddle at Technology Level 9.

The advantage of using Eikthyrdeer lies in its swift movement, enhanced by a charge ability for rapid ground coverage. These creatures are also more accessible than Direwolves, making leveling up smoother.

Univolt’s unlocks shortly after at Technology Level 14 and it will be the fastest ground mount before you can face Pyrin and finally Necromus.

But of the ground mounts available before a player can face Necromus, Pyrin is definitely the fastest ground mount in Palworld. Its saddle can’t be unlocked until you reach mid-game, at Technology Level 30.

Fastest swimming mount in Palworld

Azurobe is far and away the fastest swimming mount in Palworld. We’ve also got an easy-to-follow guide on where you can find and capture Azurobe in Palworld. Here are all the swimming mounts and their speeds:

Azurobe600800Lv. 24
Jormuntide525700Lv. 39
Surfent500650Lv. 10

You won’t have to wait as long to get the fastest swimming mount in Palworld. Azurobe’s saddle can be crafted at Technology Level 24 but it’s only found in water so you’ll need another swimming or flying mount to track it down.

Azurobe Water-type Pal in PalworldAzurobe is Palworld’s swiftest swimmer.

There aren’t many options for earlier swimming mounts in Palworld before Azurobe. Surfent is the slower of the two but its saddle unlocks earlier at Technology Level 10.

Jormuntide’s speed is faster than Surfent, but its saddle is not available until Technology Level 39. However, it could be worth the wait if you’re interested in its dual Water/Dragon element.

Fastest flying mount in Palworld

The fastest flying mount in Palworld is undoubtedly the legendary Jetragon. In fact, Jetragon is the fastest mount in the entire game with more than double the speed of any Pal on land, sea, or in the air.

All of the flying Pals and their speeds can be found below:

Jetragon17003300Lv. 50
Frostallion/Frostallion Noct10001500Lv. 48
Faleris10001400Lv. 38
Ragnahawk8001300Lv. 37
Shadowbeak8501200Lv. 47
Beakon7501200Lv. 34
Suzaku/Suzaku Aqua8501100Lv. 40 / Lv. 43
Helzephyr7001100Lv. 33
Quivern800950Lv. 36
Vanwyrm/Vanwyrm Cyst700850Lv. 21 / Lv. 41
Astegon600800Lv. 47
Elphidran/Elphidran Aqua630800Lv. 21
Nitewing600750Lv. 15

As befits its insane speed, Jetragon is essentially the final boss of Palworld’s early access and we’ve got a guide on where to find and catch it. Rather than a saddle, to ride this Pal you need to craft Jetragon’s Missile Launcher which unlocks at the max Technology Level of 50.

Jetragon Pal as seen in Palworld trailer.
You won’t find a faster flying mount than Jetragon.

It’ll take a lot to work up to Jetragon and you’ll need a flying mount in Palworld’s early, and mid-game. Unfortunately, many faster mounts aren’t available until at least Technology Level 30.

Of the slower, but earlier-accessible options, Nitewing can be found in the starting area and is the earliest flying mount you’ll gain access to in Palworld after crafting its saddle at Technology Level 15.

However, your best bet for flying around in the early game is to snag a Vanwyrm at level 22 for a noticeable boost in speed.

When you’re ready, Faleris can be obtained and you can craft its saddle at Technology Level 38. It will be the fastest flying mount in Palworld until you can capture the godlike Jetragon.

Fastest gliding mount in Palworld

When it comes to gliding, no mount can compare with Galeclaw. And, while it might seem useless to get a mount that can only glide when you could use a flying Pal, it’s good to have the option if your flying Pal can’t carry you because it died during combat.

Here are all the gliding mounts and their speeds:

Galeclaw600700Lv. 23
Celaray550700Lv. 7
Killamari400550Lv. 9
Hangyu/Hangyu Cryst400550Lv. 20 / Lv. 31

In addition, Galeclaw is available to players very early on in the game and is far more effective than the craftable gliders. The Pal can be found near the Ancient Ritual Site and Hypocrite Hill fast-travel locations.

galeclaw palworld
Galeclaw is the best Pal you can use for gliding.

Best of all, players can fire guns when gliding with Galeclaw, which is a skill that is not available with other gliding mounts. Unfortunately, the biggest downside to Galeclaw is that his gliding ability is not unlocked until Technology Level 23.

Three other Pals – Celaray, Killamari, and Hangyu – can also be used as gliders, but they have drawbacks that make them less effective transports than Galeclaw.

However, all of them are available quite early in the game, with Celaray’s Gloves being unlocked at Technology Level 7.

How to make mounts faster in Palworld

Before you acquire your endgame mounts in Palworld, there is a way to ensure that your stand-ins are the fastest they can be. It requires a little bit of patience and a lot of Pal Spheres.

Every Pal in Palworld has a random assortment of up to four Passive Abilities and a number of these increase a Pal’s Movement Speed. These Passive Abilities are:

  • Nimble – 10% increase in Movement Speed
  • Runner – 20% increase in Movement Speed
  • Swift – 30% increase in Movement Speed
  • Legend – 15% increase in Movement Speed + 20% increase in Attack + 20 % increase in Defense

If you’re willing to capture multiple of the same Pal in succession until you land one with a Movement Speed-oriented Passive Ability, you’ll get around much quicker.

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