Where to Find and Catch Broncherry in Palworld

Ishan Vashishth
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As a Grass Elemental Type Pal, Broncherry stands out with its distinct abilities and usefulness, making it a valuable companion for Palworld players. This guide provides the essential information on where to find Broncherry and how to add it to your team successfully.

Finding Broncherry is a task that combines exploration with strategic planning. Situated in specific areas of the Palworld map, Broncherry is known for its ability to carry supplies and increase carrying capacity, proving its worth beyond battles. Locating and capturing this Pal requires knowledge of its habitat and effective capturing techniques.

The journey to capture Broncherry takes players to the verdant hills of Palworld’s central region. This guide will focus on pinpointing the exact locations where Broncherry can be found and the best strategies for capturing it. Let’s explore the process of making Broncherry part of your adventure in the game.

palworld map showing Broncherry's locationThe shaded area shows Broncherry’s location in Palworld.

Broncherry’s Location and Capturing Strategy in Palworld

Broncherry is commonly found in the hilly green terrain towards the center of the Palworld map. Players venturing early into their Palworld adventures can encounter Broncherry in these lush areas. The best coordinates to spot Broncherry are (-302, -217) and (-260, -292), where it roams freely in its natural habitat.

When it comes to capturing Broncherry, utilizing Fire element Pals is key due to Broncherry’s weakness against Fire types. This strategic choice in Pals will increase your chances of successfully capturing Broncherry during encounters. Equip yourself with Fire element Pals and prepare for a tactical battle.

Broncherry’s unique “Overaffectionate” Partner Skill allows it to be ridden, enhancing your mobility in the game. Additionally, Broncherry aids in carrying supplies, thereby increasing your maximum carrying capacity. 

This utility makes Broncherry not just a target for capture but also a significant asset in your gameplay. Moreover, Broncherry is suitable for Planting work at Level 3 and can drop useful items like Broncherry Meat and Tomato Seeds upon defeat or capture.

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