How to get Honey in Palworld: Locations & how to farm

Jeremy Gan
Elizabee in Palworld

The Breeding Farm in Palworld requires Cakes to work, which are made with Honey. So, players looking to exploit the breeding system need to know the best locations and techniques to harvest this vital resource and get plenty of Fusion Pals.

As Palworld players find themselves collecting Pals around Palpagos Island, resource gathering happens to also be a huge part of the adventure, and you’ll want to get your hands on the most essential ones, such as Honey.

If you’re wondering how to get Honey in the game to get the Breeding Farm going, we’ve got all the details you need about its locations and how to farm the resource in this guide.


How to get Honey in Palworld

Since it’s not available for sale at any Wandering Merchant location point, the main way to get Honey in Palworld is to collect it from Pals that you have defeated or captured or farm it on your base.

There are only four Pals that drop Honey in the game right now:

The best Pal to farm Honey from at the beginning of the game is Cinnamoth as they’re relatively easy foes to defeat, so we’d recommended specifically seeking them out during the early hours of Palworld, and when you’re ready to take on the other Pals just make sure you’re fully prepared.

Honey locations in Palworld

We’ve got a rundown of all the locations for the Pals that drop Honey in Palworld below:

Cinnamoths can be found on the center island with all the Mountain Stream Grotto dungeons, so be sure to explore in and around there to find this Honey producer.

Cinnamoth Palworld location mapCinnamoths can be found in the highlighted areas.

Beegarde is one of the more reliable Pals to farm Honey with. Luckily, they’re easy to find around the Frostbound Mountains. Just approach them carefully and try to capture them fast, as they will use their Bee Quiet attack, causing a violent explosion that results in their instant death.

Beegarde and Elizabee Palworld location mapBeegardes and Elizabees can be found in the highlighted areas.

Elizabees can be encountered almost anywhere on the northeastern grassy island around the Frostbound Mountains, the same area where Beegardes can be found. However, there’s one Alpha Elizabee on the Devout’s Mineshaft in the Moonless Shore, north of the Ancient Ritual Site.

palworld alpha elizabee location
Elizabee’s location can be hard to find, as its dungeon is inside a cave.

Finally, Warsect can provide Honey but it will likely be the hardest to find early on in the game. Players can encounter Warsect as an Alpha Boss in the Sealed Realm of the Stalwart dungeon at level 30, or in the No.2 Wildlife Sanctuary on the west side of Palpagos Island.

palworld alpha warsect location
Warsects can be found in the highlighted areas.

Seek out all these areas to find the best Pals to drop Honey, or recruit them to your Honey ranch!

How to farm Honey in Palworld

Aside from getting Honey as drops from captured or dead Pals, players can get plenty of this resource by creating a Honey farm once they unlock the Ranch at level 5.

It is as easy as capturing some of the Honey-producing Pals mentioned above and putting them to work at your base. We’d recommend going after a few Beegardes and putting them to work on your Ranch to get the farm going, but you can use any of the other Pals in a pinch.

ranch palworld
The Ranch is unlocked at level 5 and requires Fiber, Wood, and Stone to be built.

Ranching Honey from Pals is quite a slow process, as it can take several hours to get Honey from it. For that reason, it makes sense to try and stock one of your bases with as many Beegardes to try and get Honey production at top speeds.

Remember to add a Wooden Chest or a Feed Box to gather all the Honey in one place.

What is Honey used for in Palworld? – All recipes

As an edible, the only use Honey has in Palworld is as an ingredient for crafting Cakes. Even though it doesn’t sound as much, Cakes are key in the game, as they enable you to breed Pals.

Once you unlock the Breeding Farm at level 19, you’ll be able to get Eggs from any Pal combinations. Just put a male and female together, add Cake to a Chest, and wait.

Keep in mind that to cook a Cake you’ll need a Cooking Pot (unlocked at level 17), which requires 3 Flame Organs, 20 Wood, and 15 Ingot. After you’re all set and have gathered the rest of the required ingredients, you can craft it following the recipe:

ConsumableCake– 2 Honey
– 5 Flour
– 8 Red Berries
– 7 Milk
– 8 Egg
A Cake for breeding Pals.Lv. 17– Cooking Pot
– 2 Technology Points

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