Where to find and catch Suzaku in Palworld

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Finding and catching the elusive Suzaku in Palworld is an exhilarating part of the game. Renowned for its striking abilities and fiery nature, Suzaku is more than just a creature; it’s a prize for any ambitious player. This guide focuses on where to find Suzaku in Palworld’s vast landscape and the best tactics to capture it.

Suzaku, a creature with fire at its core, is not just an ordinary find in Palworld. Its high health and balanced stats pose a unique challenge to capture. But the key to success lies in understanding its habitat and the effective strategies for its capture.

Knowledge of its whereabouts and capturing techniques are paramount in your pursuit of Suzaku. We provide detailed insights into pinpointing Suzaku’s location in the game and the optimal approach to add this fiery creature to your team.

Suzaku’s Location in Palworld and How to Catch It

Suzaku is typically found in the desert area near Duneshelter, making this region your primary hunting ground. The creature prefers the sunlit hours, so focusing your search during the daytime increases the likelihood of an encounter.

Equipping yourself with the right tools and Pals is crucial for capturing Suzaku. Given its vulnerability to Water element Pals, incorporating them into your team gives you a strategic edge. Engaging Suzaku in battle with these Pals will weaken it, making it ripe for capture.

Once captured, Suzaku not only serves as a formidable companion in battles, thanks to its fire-enhancing abilities and active skills, but it also yields useful items like the “Flame Organ.”

Finding and capturing Suzaku in Palworld centers around strategic planning and execution. By targeting your search in the desert near Duneshelter during daytime and employing Water element Pals in battle, you stand a good chance of making this powerful creature a part of your Palworld adventure.

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