Where to find and catch Jormuntide in Palworld

James Lynch
Jormuntide Water-type Pal in Palworld

Dragon-type Pals in Palworld, especially the formidable Jormuntide, are worth the quest. Here’s how you can find and catch this awe-inspiring Pal.

Palworld’s rise on Steam has been nothing short of phenomenal, as it blew past many existing Steam records to garner the second-highest concurrent player count of all time on the platform. The main talking points are its engaging mix of survival, creature capture, and base building.

There has been some controversy over the design of the game‘s creatures, with some pointing out the similarity to existing Pokemon. Though that issue may rumble on for some time, nothing is putting a dampener on the mood surrounding the game from the players themselves.

As such, many are looking to complete their Paldeck and Jormuntide is a significant part of that. Read on for how to make that a reality.

How to find Jormuntide in Palworld

As an Alpha Pal, Jormuntide is found in very specific locations on the world map. The first is in a large lake to the west of the central island near Investigator’s Fork fast travel point while the other is found in the strait just South of the Verdant Brook.

The exact coordinates are (-175, -268) and (350, -85). At Level 45, players and their pals will need to be approaching the level cap to take it on.

Map of the locations of Jormuntide in Palworld

How to catch Jormuntide: Battle tips

As a Water/Dragon-type, it is susceptible to attacks from Electric and Ice-type combat companions. There are no Pals in the game that satisfy both of those criteria, but Grizzbolt, Rayhound, Chillet and Reindrix should all do an admirable job regardless.

Wait for the Jormuntide to slither onto the land or shoot it from a distance to bait it out as fighting in the water complicates the issue. Otherwise, make sure you have plenty of Legendary Spheres, and you should be good to go. Though they are annoying to craft en masse, they are the only type of Sphere capable of reeling in those high-level Pals.

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