Where to find and catch Kingpaca in Palworld

Eliana Bollati
Palworld, Kingpaca Pal

Kingpaca will be hard for players to miss on the Palworld map, considering its size. But its size isn’t all it has going for it. This Neutral-type Pal boasts some of the best damage output in the game.

Palworld’s gameplay isn’t just catching Pals and setting them to work in the mines (or at the base). The game also has a range of Alpha Pals which make for fun and challenging encounters.

Kingpaca is one such Pal, and players will definitely want to consider adding this big boy to their collection.

Kingpaca’s work suitability is Gathering, making them a great Pal to keep food stores well stocked. Its partner skill, King of Muscles, means Kingpaca can be ridden by players. Plus, whenever it’s in the team, this Pal can help carry supplies, increasing the player’s max carrying capacity.

How to find Kingpaca in Palworld

In Palworld, Kingpaca can be found on the starting island as an Alpha. First, head north toward the Abandoned Mineshaft, keep an eye out for the sunken skeleton off the coast, and then head west toward the clearing within the forest.

Players can also fast-travel to the Small Settlement to save time if they’ve already unlocked it.

Palworld map with Abandoned Mineshaft marked
Players can find Kingpaca near the Abandoned Mineshaft on the starting island.

Another way players can get access to Kingpaca is through the Wildlife Sanctuary on the northwest side of Palpagos Island. Just remember that entering a Wildlife Sanctuary will put a Wanted target on your back, as this is considered Criminal Activity in the game.

palworld kingpaca location

How to catch Kingpaca: battle tips

As an Alpha Pal, Kingpaca will be at level 23, and before going after it players will need to take down its cronies. Two Melpacas should be roaming near Kingpaca’s spawn area. Take those down first to trigger Kingpaca’s appearance.

Remember Kingpaca is very powerful, but as a Neutral-type, it’s weak to Dark-type Pals. That makes Eikthyrdeer, Nitewing, or Vixy excellent counters.

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