Where to find and catch Melpaca in Palworld

Melvin Mathew
Petting a Melpaca in Palworld

Melpaca stands out with its alpaca-like appearance and utility in the vibrant and diverse world of Palworld and here’s how you can find it in the game.

Melpacas can become invaluable companions for traversing Palworld. While not a powerhouse in combat, a Melpaca compensates with its base-related abilities and, more notably, its role as a mount for swift travel.

They are accessible in the early game which makes Melpacas desirable Pals for players. Their quickness and reliability make them an asset for exploration and transportation at all stages.

Though not as common as some other Pals, Melpacas can be found in various regions across the map. Here’s a guide to assist you where and how you can find Melpacas in Palworld.

How to find and catch Melpaca in Palworld

Melpaca spawn locations in Palworld
Melpaca spawn locations in Palworld

Melpacas can be easily found in the eastern, southern, and western regions of the map.

They often travel in pairs, presenting both an opportunity and a challenge for capture.

Due to their speed and tendency to flee when threatened, you need to be patient when approaching a Melpaca. Additionally, avoid hunting Melpacas at night, as they are hardly seen when the moon is out.

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