How to equip Saddles in Palworld

Michelle Cornelia
A screenshot featuring Chillet as a mount in Palworld.

Saddles are a must-have if you’re looking into exploring the world with your mounts. Here’s how to equip Saddles in Palworld.

At the beginning of your journey in Palworld, you’ll have no choice but to spend lots of time walking around to gather resources, catch Pals, and so on. Though depending on your difficulty settings and the way you play the game, it shouldn’t take too long until you can finally ride a mount.

While this game has a wide range of mounts, the most important thing you should know is that you can’t just walk up to them and hop on their back. 

You’re required to have a Saddle for your Pal in order to mount them. So, whether you’ve been eyeing Eikthyrdeer or Frostallion to help you explore the game’s map, check out how to equip Saddles in Palworld.

How to unlock Saddles in Palworld

Before anything else, it’s essential to know that each Pal has their own Saddle in the game, meaning that if you’re looking to mount a certain Pal, you’ll need to craft their specific Saddle.

You can unlock your first Saddle recipe when you reach level 6. Simply open your Technology tab, scroll down until you find any Saddle for a Pal you’d like to mount and spend your Technology Points to unlock it.

Once unlocked, gather materials for that Pal’s Saddle and head to the Pal Gear Workbench to craft it. Check out our best mounts guide if you need help deciding which Saddle you should unlock first.

How to equip Saddles in Palworld

A screenshot featuring the Chillet Saddle recipe in Palworld.
The Chillet Saddle recipe in Palworld.

Assuming you’ve finished crafting your Saddles, press “F” on your keyboard while near the workbench to obtain it. Now that you have it with you, you’ll automatically be able to ride the Pal which Saddle you’ve created.

Equipping the Saddle differs from shields, weapons, and armor that require you to drag them to your character’s slot. As long as you’ve crafted the Saddle for your Pal, you can instantly mount it without doing anything extra.