Where to find and catch Mossanda in Palworld

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Mossanda stands out as a remarkable Pal in Palworld with unique combat abilities and practical skills. Finding and capturing Mossanda is a valuable goal for players seeking to enhance their team. This guide focuses on where to locate Mossanda in Palworld and outlines effective strategies for its capture.

Mossanda, recognized for its impressive stats and the “Grenadier Panda” Partner Skill, is a Grass Elemental Type Pal with a range of active abilities. However, successfully capturing Mossanda requires more than just a general approach; it demands strategic planning based on its specific habitat and combat weaknesses. 

The quest to capture Mossanda involves navigating to specific areas within the lush landscapes of Palworld.

This guide will provide the essential locations and tactics needed to successfully add Mossanda to your collection in the game.

The shaded area shows Mossanda’s location in Palworld.

Mossanda’s Location and Capture Strategy in Palworld

Mossanda is typically found in the Mossanda Forest, an area rich in natural resources and home to this unique Pal. The best coordinates to spot Mossanda are (284, 21) and (249, 44), making these locations ideal for encountering and engaging with Mossanda.

Capturing Mossanda involves planning and strategy, considering its weakness to Fire element Pals due to its Grass Elemental Type. Bringing Fire-type Pals into the battle will give you a significant advantage in weakening and capturing Mossanda. Prepare yourself for an intense encounter, as Mossanda is known for its robust skills and defenses.

Once captured, Mossanda is a versatile asset, especially with its “Grenadier Panda” skill, which allows rapid firing of a grenade launcher while mounted. Mossanda’s active skills, such as “Power Shot” and “Seed Machine Gun,” make it a formidable companion in battles. 

Alternatively, you could also hatch Mossanda from a Large Verdant Egg. These can be picked up across the islands and obtained by breeding Pals in a Breeding Farm.

Here are all the Pals that can hatch from a Large Verdant Egg:

  • Mossanda
  • Robinquill
  • Robinquill Terra
  • Dinossom

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