Where to find and catch Faleris in Palworld

Sourav Banik
an image of a Faleris in Palworld

Faleris is an S-Tier Fire element Pal that can be quite a catch in Palworld, considering its transport and utility effectiveness. Here’s where you need to find and catch a Faleris in the survival game.

The vast open landscape of Palworld offers tons of Pals to catch, and these creatures come in different elemental types and abilities. Some of these Pals can be all-rounders, thanks to their versatile work suitabilities.

Faleris is one such Pal in the game who is not only extremely rare to find but also requires you to have the right tools and Pals in your arsenal to counter anomalies. In case you are wondering, Faleris is the number 105 creature in the Paldeck.

So, here’s a guide on where and how you can catch a Faleris in Palworld.

faleris location in palworld

How to find Faleris in Palworld

Northeastern corner

To find Faleris in Palworld, you need to head over to the northeastern corner of the map. The No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary is located here, and since it’s on an island, you’ll need to travel there using a flying Pal. You could also use a surfing Pal like Surfent to reach this area. This is the easiest way to find this Fire-type Pal, and it may appear anytime during the day or night.

Defeat Tower of the PIDF boss

The other way to get Faleris is by defeating the Tower of the PIDF boss ‘Marcus & Faleris’ within 10 minutes. This method can be quite difficult, especially for early-game players as it comes with a huge health pool. Keep in mind that it can be a plight if you’re unequipped with the right tools and Pals.


The third way to get Faleris is simply by breeding. In this case, you need to breed Anubis and Vanwyrm to reproduce a Faleris in Palworld.

faleris in palworld

How to catch Faleris in Palworld

Bring a Water-type Pal along to catch a Faleris in Palworld. Since it’s a Fire-type Pal, it makes Faleris naturally weak against Water-type Pals, and once you weaken it, use a Pal Sphere to capture this creature.

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