How to get Huge Dragon Egg in Palworld & where to find

Sourav Banik
an image of a huge dragon egg in palworld

In Palworld, Huge Dragon Eggs hide some of the rarest and strongest Pals, however, finding one can be a titanic task. To help you out, here’s all you need to know to locate these valuable eggs around Palpagos Island.

Crafted by Pocket Pair, Palworld intricately weaves together elements of survival and monster hunting, offering players a rich and dynamic gaming experience. Besides exploration and base building, collecting rare items and Pals is pivotal in the game.

Huge Dragon Eggs are one of the rarest resources you can find in Palworld, as they can hatch incredibly rare Dragon-type Pals to assist you in combat. Some can also be used as mounts so you can traverse the map faster or they have incredible Work Suitabilities to help around bases.

So, here’s exactly how you can get a Huge Dragon Egg in Palworld, and how to use them in the game.


Where to find a Huge Dragon Egg in Palworld?

The thing about Huge Dragon Eggs is that they spawn randomly in Palworld, similar to several other items in the game, so that makes them very hard to find. As it means you need to keep on exploring until you finally come across one.

However, players can increase their chances of finding Huge Dragon Eggs if they search around elevated altitudes like cliff edges or stone peaks. The areas where more Huge Dragon Eggs have been seen are Mount Obsidian, Snowy Mountain, and even the top parts of the Dessicated Desert.

It does sound tedious, but once you unlock your first Flying mount and craft it in the Pal Gear Workbench, you’ll be able to get a better view of higher altitudes on the back of a flying Pal like Nitewing or Ragnahawk.

How to get a Huge Dragon Egg in Palworld

Huge Dragon Eggs can be recognized due to their massive size and unique purple tone with thick black lines. They will be sitting on a nest, so all you have to do is get as close as you can and press the F button (PC) or the X button (Xbox) to collect it.

It’s worth noting that if you’re going to go on an Egg hunt, you need to have enough space in your inventory, as Huge Dragon Eggs weigh 50 units each.

an image of Jormuntides in Palworld
There are two variants of the incredible Dragon-type Jormuntides in Palworld.

How to hatch Huge Dragon Eggs in Palworld

Like all Eggs in Palworld, you’ll need an incubator to hatch Huge Dragon Eggs. It will take two hours for it to hatch, which is similar to the hatching time of other Huge Eggs present in the game in normal difficulty mode.

Be sure to stay on top of the Egg’s comfort levels, as that will speed up the hatching timer. If the Egg feels cold, provide enough heat during the incubation period, either by increasing heat around it with heaters or by setting a campfire. You can also use Fire element Pals like Bushi or put the incubator indoors. In case the Huge Dragon Egg gets hot, you can use a cooler or Ice element Pals to help out.

All Pals that hatch from Huge Dragon Eggs

Here are all the Pals that can hatch from Huge Dragon Eggs along with their chances:

That’s all you need to know to start searching for Huge Dragon Eggs in Palworld. Don’t forget to check out the complete Paldeck and the fastest mounts available, as well as how to get High-Quality Pal Oil, and Honey in the game.