Where to find and catch Kingpaca Cryst in Palworld: Spawn location

Raissa Jerez
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If you already came around Melpaca and Kingpaca in the game, you’ll definitely want to complete the family by catching a Kingpaca Cryst. However, this top-tier Pal does not spawn in the wild. To help you out, here’s the exact location where you can find the humongous Kingpaca Cryst in Palword.

Palworld has plenty of different Pals for players to catch around the Palpagos Island, and just like Pokemon, some of them are harder to find than others.

In Pocket Pair’s game, you have different kinds of spawns: common, rare, nocturnal, dungeon, and Alpha. You can mix them up into combinations like common and Alpha, common and nocturnal, or even rare and nocturnal. However, a few of them can only be one, like Anubis or Kingpaca Cryst.

This Ice variation of Kingpaca doesn’t spawn in the wild and players only have a single way to catch it and add it to their Paldecks, which represents a bigger challenge. So, here’s everything you need to know about Kingpaca Cryst in the game.

How to find Kingpaca Cryst in Palworld

Unlike Melpacas, this top-tier Pal only spawns in one spot. Its exact location is in the middle of the Forgotten Mineshaft, very close to the Land of Absolute Zero Fast Travel point.

palworld ice kingpaca location

How to beat & catch Kingpaca Cryst in Palworld

As an exclusively Alpha Pal, Kingpaca Cryst not only spawns in just one place around the vast Palpagos Island, but that also means there’s only a single Kingpaca Cryst in the whole game.

So, your only chance at catching this big, fat, and fluffy fellow is through an encounter.

Strengths & weaknesses

Kingpaca Cryst will be at level 46, so you need to train your team properly if you want to keep up. As a purely Ice-type Pal, it’s strong against Dragon-type monsters and weak to Fire-type ones, so make sure you include Pals like Rooby, Blazamunt, or the majestic Jormuntide Ignis on your roster.

Remember to gear up with the strongest guns you can craft, as well as plenty of ammo, Ultra or Legendary Spheres, and Cold Resistant clothing as you’ll freeze walking around the snowy mountain.

Once you manage to catch it, Kingpaca Cryst will be a solid addition to your main team thanks to the King of Muscles Partner Skill, which not only allows you to ride it once you unlock the mount but also increases the very much-needed inventory capacity.

As a base worker, this solitary Pal is only good with Cooling and Gathering, so given its mighty power, it will be a waste to keep it locked in there.

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