Where to find and catch Rayhound in Palworld

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Where to find and catch Rayhound in Palworld

If you’re looking for a swift mount in Palworld that makes traversal easier with double-jumps, Greyhound is the Pal you’re after. Here’s where to find and catch Rayhound in Palworld.

Palworld’s got a bunch of Pals to find and capture, even in its early access period. You’ll want to prioritize filling out your Paldeck to determine which Pals are the best fit for your team and base.

Topping our list of the best Electric Pals and receiving an honorable mention in our best mounts rundown is Rayhound. It’s an excellent option for combat and allows players to double-jump while mounting it.

It’s certainly a worthwhile addition to your team but first, you need to get ahold of one. We’ve compiled everything you need to know on where to find and catch Rayhound in Palworld.

How to find Rayhound in Palworld

Rayhound is actually relatively easy to track down though you will need some heat-resistant armor in order to start your hunt. It can be found in the large desert region in the northeast of Palworld’s map.

We’ve marked the location on the map below for posterity.

Rayhound Location Palworld

How to catch Rayhound: Battle tips

Rayhound is an Electric-type Pal so bringing a Ground-type Pal along is a good idea. Particularly because it spawns at level 30 and above and can be a tough encounter.

Digtoise’s massive attack stat and relatively early availability make it a strong choice. To make the encounter a breeze, Anubis is your go-to thanks to its Partner ability which adds the Ground element to all of your attacks.

Anything less than a Hyper Pal Sphere will give you a low chance of capturing Rayhound so we suggest stocking up before you head off to catch it.

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