Where to find and catch Reptyro Cryst in Palworld

Titas Khan
cover art featuring the ice reptyro in Palworld.

Reptyro Cryst is one of the most useful Pals in Palworld, however, getting one for your base or party can be quite tricky if you are unaware of the process. Here’s everything you need to know about Reptyro Cryst.

Palworld has taken the entire gaming world by storm since its release, racking up over 2 million concurrent players and becoming the second-most played game of all time on Steam due to its plenty of features, which include completing the game‘s Paldeck.

Reptyro Cryst is one of those Pals who specializes in a variety of tasks while also being capable of having a significant impact in fights. However, adding it to your team can be quite tricky as they cannot be found in the wild.

So, to give you a hand, our guide has all the information you need to get yourself a Reptyro Cryst in Palworld.

A base with Pals in Palworld
Some Pals cannot be found in the wild and can only be obtained through other methods.

How to find Reptyro Cryst in Palworld

Reptyro Cryst features two Work Suitabilities (Mining and Cooling), both of which are Level 3, making this Pal a very important addition to any team in Palworld. More so, this Pal has a special mount to unlock, which allows you to ride it for traveling purposes.

However, as mentioned already, you cannot find Reptyro Cryst anywhere in the wild. The only way of obtaining one of these Pals is by breeding two other Pals that are available in the wild. If you are unsure about the breeding process in Palworld, check out our dedicated guide.

Reptyro Cryst breeding process

The two Pals that you will need to capture to gain a Reptyro Cryst are Foxcicle and Reptyro. If you are unsure about where to find these Pals on the vast map, don’t worry, we have guides for that too! Make sure to check out how to find and capture the Reptyro and Foxcicle in Palworld.

cover image featuring the reptyro in Palworld
Reptyro can be quite tricky to capture in the Volcanic regions.

Once you have managed to capture these Pals and have unlocked the Pal Breeding Farm at level 19, you should be able to obtain a Reptyro Cryst for either your party or your base.

In either case, this Pal makes an excellent addition to most situations in the game thanks to its Ice-loving Beast Partner Skill, which improves the efficiency of mining ores while mounted.

So, there you have it, that’s all there is to know about adding a Reptyro Cryst to your squad of Pals in Palworld. Make sure to check out our other helpful Palworld guides below:

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