Where to find and catch Legendary Pal Necromus in Palworld

James Lynch
Necromus in Palworld

Necromus is one half of a spectacular Legendary Pal duo in Palworld and one of the hardest creatures to capture in the game. If you’re hoping to add it to your capture list, read on to learn about where to find it.

Since its release in the middle of January, players have been racing to complete their collection of Pals and “beat” the game. Though many of these Pals simply present themselves over the course of a playthrough, others are a lot more difficult to get hold of.

Necromus is one of those, a Legendary Pal that roams the farthest corners of the game world with its other half Paladius. As arguably the most potent non-Fusion Pal in the game, it’s worth the effort it takes to track it down.

Here’s all the information you need to do so.

How to find Necromus in Palworld

As a Legendary Pal, Necromus only appears in one very specific location on the map. Head to the far Northeast of the map, before proceeding to the top of the Desecrated Desert. Beyond the lake, it should be relatively easy to spot Necromus and Paladius together.

Necromus & Paladius location Palworld

How to catch Necromus: Battle tips

Beating the Legendary pair is only possible for the player and a Pal beyond Level 45. Necromus is a Dark-type while Paladius is a Neutral-type, meaning a Dark/Dragon-type is the best way to counter both. Astegon is the obvious choice here as the only Pal in the game that satisfies both requirements.

A super high-damage weapon and Ultra Spheres are both necessities in this encounter because both Pals deal brutal damage to both the player and their accompanying ally. Beyond that, focus them down one at a time before attempting the catch.

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