Where to find and catch Relaxaurus Lux in Palworld

Josh Tyler
Relaxaurus Lux Palworld Electric-type

As one of the mountable Pals, it’s no surprise that players would want to find Relaxaurus Lux early. Here’s where to find this rare Pal in Palworld.

With players flocking to Palworld just days after entering early access, new players everywhere are exploring the Palpagos Islands. One of the best ways to traverse the world and explore is on the back of one of the rideable Pals, so finding them early is key.

Relaxaurus Lux is one of those rideable Pals, and can also be used as a moving cannon with its Missile Party skill. With his work proficiencies, he can also be incredibly useful later in the game as a level 3 electricity generator.

To take advantage of these abilities, you’ll first need to catch the Relaxaurus Lux, so here’s how to find them!

Where to find and catch Relaxaurus Lux in Palworld

While normal Relaxaurus is found in the Sealed Realm of the Thunder Dragon and Ascetic Falls, Relaxaurus Lux can only be found in the Sealed Realm of the Thunder Dragon.

The Pal will spawn at both day and night, so you can Relaxaurus Lux wandering the region during the day and night. It will also appear on your map as the boss in your area when you are in the spawn location.

Capturing or defeating a Relaxaurus Lux can drop either a High Quality Pal Oil, Electric Organ, or Sapphire.

Relaxaurus Lux Spawn Location

Relaxaurus Lux spawns between levels 15 and 20, making it a fairly difficult encounter for early-game players. But once you’ve reached the wooded isles you should have strong enough Pals to deal with it.

It will probably take more than one Pal Sphere to catch a Relaxaurus Lux, so it might be worth to use a Mega Sphere instead if you have them.

They’re also higher-health with powerful electric and dragon attacks, so they can be difficult to weaken in battle. Make sure that you bring some properly-leveled Pals who can withstand those powerful attacks. Ground and ice-type Pals will probably be your best bet.

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