Where to find and catch Nitewing in Palworld

Kurt Perry
Nightwing Pal in Palworld

Nitewing is one of the most useful early game Pals as its ability to fly greatly improves your ability to traverse the Palagagos Islands. Here’s where to find and catch Nitewing in Palworld.

There are a few key early-game Pals that Palworld players will want to pick up as soon as possible. Some standouts include Vixy for its ability to produce endless Pal Spheres and Lifmunk as a jack-of-all-trades worker.

However, none are as impactful as Nitewing with it being the first Pal that lets you freely fly around the map. Simply catch Nitewing, unlock the Nitewing Saddle at level 15, and craft it at a workbench and you’ll be able to scale mountains and cliffs with ease.

Before you can fly though you’ll need to catch one, so here’s everything you need to know about where to find Nitewing in Palworld.

How to find Nitewing in Palworld

Nitewing can be found in several areas scattered across Palworld’s map, but the easiest place to find the Neutral type Pal is east of the Tower of the Rayne Syndicate located just northwest of the Plateau of Beginnings.

Other great spots to encounter Nitewing include Marsh Island and Eastern Wild Island in the far east of the Palpagos Islands and the Forgotten Island and Ice Wind Island in the northwest.

Nightwing Location in Palworld
Nitewing’s location in Palworld.

Those wanting a guaranteed encounter will want to head to the south coast of Ice Wind Island and look for the Nitewing Alpha boss. It spawns at level 18 and is easy enough to beat assuming you are suitably leveled. This boss respawns every hour and drops Ancient Civilization Parts when defeated or captured.

As it can fly, Nitewing can be troublesome to catch in Palworld. The best strategy to mitigate this is to first damage it with a ranged weapon and then wait for the Neutral type Pal to descend. From there it’s business as usual with Pal Spheres and Mega Spheres being strong enough to catch Nitewing thanks to its forgiving catch rate.

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